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I Told You So Redux

Reginald10 Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 4:10 PM
NO. No horses; the SPCA forbids the enslavement of any so-called animals. No steam trains; you can't burn coal like that; besides, all that smoke? Forbidden! Sailing ships, maybe; but you'll have to do an environmental impact survey on what all those sails will do to wind patterns. And OSHA will need to inspect the rigging, and how to prevent sailors from falling. Also wheelchair access to the crows' nest, etc.

Today we get to check in again on the economic and stock market forecast that I penned back on December 23rd, 2011.

Yeah. I know.

You all are used to my dazzling wit, political acumen, and my stylish turns of phrase. But really, I know quite a bit about finance too, even if I use my finance superpowers only on occasion and prefer to be the ringmaster here at Townhall Finance.

The slowdown that I predicted at that time has been a little less than my expectations. Right now GDP is coming in a little higher than I thought. But the...