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Hey Gun Haters: Pro-Gun Girl Solicits Parents for Pics of Their Kids with Guns

Reginald10 Wrote: Mar 24, 2013 12:26 PM
No, Conservatives (and the new Republican Party of Lincoln) were AGAINST slavery. Remember that slavery violates at least two, arguably three, of the Ten Commandments. Not to mention that "all men are created equal" thing. Democrats were more interested in "property rights". Slaves being "property", you see.
Currently, there are four things that are really ticking me off.

They are …

#1). Broccoli. What a foul devil-weed that over rated sprig is, eh?

#2). Drivers who text while driving. I passed this metrosexual the other day in Miami on US1 who was swerving all over the road in his Prius like a gypsy on a three-day tequila bender. When I got up beside him, his nose was down, buried in his cell phone, drafting a text message at forty-five miles per hour. He was probably confirming an appointment to get his eyebrows threaded at JLo’s...