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Democracy and Majority Rule

Reginald10 Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 1:58 PM
And suppose those writing the tests, write them to require a "progressive" worldview? Look at how candidates are winnowed in Islamic countries by their clergy: No insufficiently radical candidate is even permitted to run. Suppose they likewise required all voters to be sufficiently "Islamic"? You have a good idea, but there's too much chance of mischief there.
OBAMA-DRAMA Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 2:53 PM
Reginald10... the tests I propose that are to be mandatory to pass in order to vote would include US and world historical facts only and not ideology, No elements regarding a "progressive worldview" would be included. There is broad agreement as to the purpose and date of founding of this Nation's Declaration of Independence along with the Constitution and Amendments. There is also sufficient general agreement regarding world history from 2000BC to the present. Those failing to score at least a 90% on such a test are unqualified to vote, are excluded from such, and are remain such until they can pass the test.
President Barack Obama narrowly defeated Gov. Mitt Romney in the popular vote 51 percent to 48 percent. In the all-important Electoral College, the difference was larger, with Obama winning 303 electoral votes and Romney 206. Let's not think so much about the election's outcome but instead ask: What's so good about democracy and majority rule?

How many decisions in our day-to-day lives would we like to be made through majority rule or the democratic process? How about the decision to watch a football game or "Law and Order"? What about whether to purchase a Chevrolet Volt or a Toyota Prius? Would you...