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88 Million Reasons for the Cardboard Box

Reginald10 Wrote: Sep 09, 2012 9:33 PM
Even the "99 weeks of unemployment compensation" isn't true. In many places, like here in PA, the "unemployment" figure has been reduced enough (through fair means, or foul) that there is no longer that last extension of benefits. It cuts off at 70-some weeks, give or take. And you have to apply for at least three jobs a week; never mind if they are jobs that you could reasonably take or live on. I've got a job now, thank God, but it's not as easy as some make it seem.

After two weeks of non-stop convention-ing, the nation finally has all the data it needs to understand the truth about what this election should be based on.

After two weeks of people advocating for big-government, bottom-up philosophies vs. free market, small businesses, and ideas of how to grow our economy out of this mess, the halls have died down.

The delegates have returned home.

God has been voted down. The unborn child has been prayed for at the conclusion of both conventions. Assertions of freedom of choice have been made on everything from sex to guns. Distinct...