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Define individuals? Well...people.
Don't polygamists have rights? Who is anyone to tell a group of 57 people living in a commune that they can't all be married to one another?
If you wish to stop the goverment from endorsing non-traditional unions as "marriages", your only hope is to support taking government out of the marriage licensing business. Leave as a matter of private contract among individuals.
RIP to a great actor and American.
Marxist thugs for hire.
At this point a great many Republicans on Capitol hill are playing a game with us. Their intent is to pass an amnesty with no serious committment to border security, but they are engaging in a bit of Kabuki theater to make it look as if preventing future illegal immigration is a concern to them. It isn't. They're playing this game because they have little fear that grassroots conservatives will actually abandon them. They are relying on the "lesser of two evils" logic working for them in the future, no matter what they do respecting this issue. So as one of those grassroots conservatives who has been in a particularly foul mood for quite some time, let me speak to them bluntly. If a Republican representative of mine votes for this anti-sovereignty disgrace, come election day I will not simply stay at home in disgust. I will vote for their DEMOCRATIC party opponent. I might even donate money to them. I'm with Ann Coulter in her assessment of where we will be after this is passed. DOOMED. There will be nothing left for us to do but punish those responsible.
You can always count on anti-pot zealots to make conservatives look like a bunch of hypocrites when it comes to the issue of states rights.
I'd be curious to know how many people who support prohibition against marijuana also support it against alcohol.
Bill Maher is a Marxist.... and his mother dresses him funny.
"Who's tweeting about Benghazi? Rich, middle-aged men and Chick-fil-A lovers" This is the kind of patently absurd, childish smear you use when a President you adore is under scrutiny, and you have no intelligent defense of him to offer.
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