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Brainwashed?! Everyone on this site REFUSED to listen to Nate Silver who correctly predicted with 99.99% accuracy every single election including this one. While you guys were brainwashed by Rove, Rush, Hannity, Rassmussen, and Fox News. You guys seriously thought it would be landslide for Romney, a candidate YOU GUYS didn't originally want or like! Btw, Romney was clearly defined by Newt, Rick Santorm, and Rick Perry during the primaries. But because the GOP lot was so insanely horrible you were stuck with Mitt and you paid the price for probably the next 10-12 maybe longer years. Deal with it. Your stuck with the brother for 4 more years. But don't fret, you'll survive and be able to take your family to the hospital without being rejected
Um... how do you think we got here? Less regulation under George and huge tax cuts for the rich. Get out of this Fox News bubble. Seriously. The whole damn planet sees this except for those in red states. Honestly - THE WHOLE WORLD! Tax cuts for billionaires don't create jobs. DEMAND creates jobs. If there's one teller at the register at the supermarket and a line with 10 people, what's needed? ANOTHER TELLER! Not for the one teller to get a raise. Its simple supply and demand. No wonder you guys lost and will lose again. Poor uneducated bigots blinded by the fact that your losing your WHITE GRIP on a browning country. Yup! American is turning brown, deal with it. Hhahahaha!
Nice try Kevin. Fact still remain... red states = more poor people - more poor WHITE people. More poor WHITE PEOPLE ON WELFARE AND FOOD STAMPS. Poor education, and generally very, very insular, xenophobic, racist and ignorant. These are facts. Not saying all republicans are racist - but all racist are republicans.
Boy, you guys just don't get it do you? You lost because the IDEAS of the GOP DONT WORK!!! 28 years of proof they don't work. You lost because the country IS browner. Your racist grip has slipped. Now, white MEN are becoming the minority. Lastly, you and your base watch one of the worst things in the country FOX NEWS! When the GOP stops being afraid of change, and stops being afraid of FOX NEWS, and realize everything out of that station is a bold face LIE then MAYBE, MAYBE you'll guys will when an election. As of now... good luck winning an election in the next 10-12 years.
Then you might wanna pack up and leave the country!! Bye!
Wrong. Your taxes will go down. Remember, Obama cut your taxes 18 times since he was elected. And he's going to cut more - even for those who hate him UNLESS you make over a million dollars a year. Then your taxes will go up. Everyone else it does down. Stop listening to Fox News. Haven't you realized yet they LIE! They told you Romney was ahead and he got blown out. They told you that America was going to be in lock step with Romney Ryan and they got BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER!!!!! 332-206. Not even close. GOP IDEAS REJECTED! THROUGH AND THROUGH!!! WORLD CELEBRATES!!!
Hopefully the GOP has learned you can't let your party be defined by Fox News, Rush Limpbow, Beck and all the rest of the nuts that screamed the loudest. Mitt and the GOP tossed their 1950's rich and white only ideology on the table and it was RESOUNDINGLY REJECTED BY the people of AMERICA! You ignored blacks and latinos and you marginalized women with all your hate and rhetoric. Now, the grand old party is on its last breath. Expect the same result in 2014 and 2016 UNLESS you guys figure it out its a new century, not Mayberry anymore!! Obama / Biden 2012 and BEYOND!!!!!!
Nate Silver got 100% correct. Lesson learned for everyone on this site... RASMUSSEN HAS NO IDEA WHAT HE"S TALKING ABOUT!. Its Math people. very simple math. Congrats Mr. Silver!
Two major winners tonight and two major losers. Obama and Nate Silver = WINNERS. Romney and Rassumussen = LOSERS. See, this is what this site gets for ignoring plain ol' simple MATH! Nate Silver got 100% right! AGAIN!!!
Nate Silver NAILED IT! He got 100% of the states correct! Rassumessn should give up. He's done.
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