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According to Steve Forbes, Romney Will Win

ReedBlack Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 2:54 AM
Two major winners tonight and two major losers. Obama and Nate Silver = WINNERS. Romney and Rassumussen = LOSERS. See, this is what this site gets for ignoring plain ol' simple MATH! Nate Silver got 100% right! AGAIN!!!

Yesterday, election guru Michael Barone threw his election prediction behind Mitt Romney. Today, Steve Forbes did the same, with confidence.

Mitt Romney will win big tonight.  His popular vote margin will be between 3 – 5%.  He will win the Electoral College I believe by a vote of 321 to 217, and with luck, even more.  He will win all of the states McCain carried in 2008 which will give him 180 electoral votes.  He will also carry the three states that normally go Republican that in 2008 went for Obama – Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia. ...