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Tolerance For Thee, But Not For Me

Reed42 Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 10:19 PM
So much hatred and ignorance. Nazis are socialist, so only the church of liberalism is likely to do any such thing. Also none of your tax dollars fund any of this. Please read the article before posting.

As a federal court recently declared, “Tolerance is a two-way street.”

And this is a lesson the Atlanta-based Southern Education Fund needs to learn after its recent call for private, Christian schools in Georgia to be kicked-out of participating in the state’s tax credit scholarship program.

In late January, SEF released a briefing paper accusing these schools of maintaining “draconian anti-gay policies and practices.” They also claimed that “Georgia’s tax dollars” are being used to fund schools that “demonize students in the name of religion.”

For starters, SEF blatantly misstates the source of funding. The funding does not...

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