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Big the threat is direct, can he be arrested?
Where does the 600,000 edible voters without I'd come from?
Illegal activites should be punished, not rewarded. But progressives are above the law, just ask Mr. Obama. Any bets as to which way this will go?
Are you claiming that title? Remember that classical Progressive is a combination of fascism and communism.
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Let's Repeal Reality

Reed42 Wrote: Oct 10, 2014 9:12 AM
Time to simply label the bathrooms XX and XY. Feelings have nothing to do with this chromosomes do.
Dear Cal, You completely missed the boat on the opposition to gay marriage. Government marriage is a civil issue not a biblical issue. Governments only interest is supporting the best way to produce more tax payers. The fact infertail couples can marry is an artifact. To extend the benifits to even more people who cannot produce a benifit makes absolutely no sense at all.
These girls are smart and brave. They can benifit and contribute more than the average child born here. They will have a significant positive impact on the world. They are exactly the kind of immigrant to welcome with open arms. If you want to stop bad immigration, stop the MS-13 gang members crossing our southern border with the administrations blessing.
The Democrats are still mad at the NRA for ending Black laws that prevented African Anericans from owning guns. The Republicans and NRA allowed the AAs to buy and learn to use arms which was the single most influential force against the Klan. The Democrats could not stand for that.
Leading from behind is impossible. It is an admission you have no intention of leading at all. Or at least not in a positive direction.
The only way the AGM adherents can win right now is by jailing anyone who wants real evidence.
My liberal friends explained it to me very well. It is all the Republicans fault that Detroit is bankrupt. They let the Democrats take control and then left the Democrats run how they wanted to. Responsible Republicans should have never ceded control to the Democrats. Republicans are so bad, it is all their fault…...
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