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Please tell me that is satire!
This situation exemplifies one of the difference between liberal and conservatives. Liberals view people by their group status and ignore their individual contribution or culpability in any give situation. Conservatives do not care your group status only what was your individual contribution or culpability. This difference is fundamental and one of the reasons the two sides do not communicate well. They start from completely different points of view.
No, they get limited, selective information from the prosecutor only. With only one side of a story and only information that may indicate guilt it is almost a given that intelligent people will indite pretty much every time. It is the most biased system possible against the accused.
Please, Reid, not Reed. No relation......
That is the right course of action, but do not expect it any time soon.
Mike, Excellent point. Look at history. Most people are not interested in starting or participating in war, they must be goaded into it by a radical minority. Or be attacked….
Ann, You are correct the moderate Muslims are silent and that is a form of acceptance or even support of the violence. Both culturally and by religious decree they are way too lax in confronting the violence done in their name. I have worked with Muslims all my life include spending time in Saudi Arabia. Almost all the Muslims I met and worked with were strong family men, and had no interest in a war against the west. You must remember, most people in early America were against the Revolutionary War. But they stood by and let it occur. When Mariam Ibrahim was convicted and sentenced to death, a Muslim co-worker right away told me they would never execute her. He predicted the charges would slowly be dropped and she would eventually be escorted out the the country. Very few people in Sudan wanted her to die, but saving face for Islam was most important so they had to do it slowly with no single great reversal or embarrassment against those who convicted her. He was pretty accurate. Based on my experience, I believe similarly, most Muslims are not interested in war against the west, but want a quiet, face saving, reduction then end so they never have to directly repudiate their brothers. I completely disagree with their lack of action, only observing it.
Mike, Your brush is too broad. Most people, including most Muslims, want peace. However, most of the people who do not want peace are Muslim. Try not to confuse the two.
Will, Read it again. The officer was armed. Try to get the proper antecedent.
Dear Miss Handy, Radical and conservative cannot be used together. They have opposite meanings. Of course you realize that it is the conservatives that are trying to end the plight of the Black man with education and economic opportunities that the left will not allow. And the consecrative are the ones trying to safe the children who the left fights any and all protection thereof.
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