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that or you couldn't care less about freedom. it's one or the other usmc - with all due respect.
Gay people should have the same legal rights as straight people. If Christians want the word "marriage" to be mutually exclusive to religious ceremony than i am fine with that much. But, to deny gay people the same umbrella of protection in a legal sense by not allowing them to have civil unions or some other descriptive legal term that affords them all the same legal rights as the institution of marriage is bigotry plain and simple. Christians don't want them to use the word marriage? Fine. The only solution after that is to allow them to be treated equally in the eyes of the law - NOT LEGISLATE CHRISTIAN DOGMA. To do anything less is tantamount to the way blacks were treated in this country when they were treated (post slavery) as second-
Ya I'm picking up on that.
thanks for illustrating my point... Brilliant. LoL.
you can veil your obvious repulsion to gays in religion or stats or whatever you can manage to scrape up in your defense but at the end of the day - not one person doesn't see your personal crusade is obviously deep-seated and is spurned by irrational emotions. You're not thinking - you're feeling... And you feel something akin to fear from the bottom of your heart for anything you aren't comfortable with. Think what you want of me... But I pity you. You've reached the heights you're capable of and will forever be stymied by your emotions in regards to any intellectually honest thought.
You know what i find the most shocking about townhall? It's all of the so-called conservatives acting like a bunch of punk high school bullies whenever the subject of gay marriage comes up. The gay hate here is as sickening as it gets on the web and you'd think conservatives would be more dignified than this. You wanna make your case against gays using the word marriage - go right ahead... but the conversations that take place on this site in regards to the subject are as ignorant, vile, and hateful as they can be. There's nothing Christian about it... It's just Christians being vain in their thinking. What were the seven deadly sins? I think Vanity was one of them. And no vanity is more ironic than your screen name AliveInHim
Mr. Conservatarian - i think your fight here is noble in nature. But i also know what a waste of time it will be for you to try and convince this guy and many others on this site to move to your way of thinking. Unfortunately not everyone can be as objective and rational and fair as others. That's just a sad fact about Most aren't here for a real discussion or debate. Just preaching their views - whether they are right or wrong doesn't really matter... They've been told some things that only solidify their own bigoted positions by their church leaders and texts and nothing will convince them they are wrong in any way.
That said - the irony about this video - is that both the protester and the cop who got hit are present there at those protests through proxies of Obama and his administration (Van Jones/Stephan Learner/Francis Piven/Cass Sunstein/Mark Lloyd and the list goes on and on in terms of people involved with this "grassroots" (PFT!) movement OWS). Here's the even more ironic part about it. She - belonging to a new york city cop union, will likely vote for Obama. This kid protesting will buy the bs from the Obama campaign as long as this hunt for wall streeter's and corporatists continues and likely vote for Obama as well. Both will have served a purpose for Obama and both will dance on the strings for the puppet master in the end.
The War on Women - does not exist. It is a media fabrication, that started with stephanopolous questioning mitt romney - way out of left field about birth control rights - during a republican debate hosted at whichever alphabet channel he works for. Since then the media, including this outlet have perpetuated that myth... This is damaging in so many subtle ways when even the conservative outlets push the meme (even if you ARE being sarcastic). Combating the leftist media takes precision. Right wingers making a case against the false "War on Women" do no justice to their own cause if they accept the premise. People - stop accepting false premises. Title : OWS protester hits female cop in the back of head during protest.
confirmed long ago : Pelosi lies about everything. Nothing she says isn't tainted by putrid misrepresentation/subterfuge/obfuscation/propaganda/hyper-partisanship/misdirection/vitriol/rhetoric. Her poodle in training, Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid are nearly equals to madam speaker.
objecting to it is one thing... brushing over every reasonable thing anyone else says because it doesn't run in lockstep with your own personal internal narrative of whats happening, is another.
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