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than i wasn't talking to you? You make no sense... did i say "Kevlar"? No.
For those of you who are interested and haven't seen it - this article was published on the dailyKOS a few weeks ago when the CFA story was roiling in the press. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/08/01/1115751/-What-really-makes-the-gays-mad-about-Chick-fil-A now before you decry it as BS cuz it's from KOS - keep in mind the press puts this stuff out and the public reacts to it. Pro or Con - this could be a reason why gays hate the FRC whether it's even true or not. Please read the article if for anything - you guys can see how divisive this issue actually is. Get the perspective of the people you disagree with and see the bigger picture. This about equality in the eyes of the law and humanity itself.
they want equality under the law and to enjoy the same rights as everyone else in a supposedly "free country". The rest is your emotional response to their emotional responses.
It's their right to make that choice for themselves despite the consequences. The USA is not supposed to be a nanny state and that INCLUDES barring homosexuals from being gay and doing homosexual things with each other. It is in spite of the risk of life that some people make the choices they make and it is NOT your right to decide what is best for them. And that's just all there is to it. Good day.
Now I will run along, reject.
Can't refute the merits of my argument so you bash what i wrote as cliche whining and make my argument for me... I was referring to the hypocritical nature of this argument against gays and their behaviors and their desire to have equal rights as far as the law goes... I came onto this article to see what was being said and confirm exactly what i set out to and I did. That most people commenting here ARE hypocrites and wave around the banner of freedom when it suits them and pick up the mantle of tyranny when it does not. The fact of the matter is - nobody is shooting this issue through the very prisms they claim to strictly adhere to otherwise. It's lame and intellectually stunted.
blah blah blah. We will never agree - so fighting with you crusaders is a waste of time and frankly, very boring. You all are free to worship whatever/whomever you see fit to do so. But the idea that you're at all objective about pursuing your religion is a colossal joke. It must be too complicated to understand the difference between religious freedom and religious activism.
This article and most of the responses to it are exactly the kind of thing that ramps the rhetoric ON BOTH SIDES right up into a fever pitch. everyone is in need of some self-reflection. To argue the merits or the follies of homosexuality on the internet is simply dumb. Neither side will agree with the other. Hateful or not. So it's a giant waste of time - and to write articles about it being one-sided is as disingenuous as it gets. Might as well be the fire attendant throwing another log on the fire. PFFT. Dumb. All of you bigots are dumb. That's not gonna change - especially since this place is essentially an echo chamber for your misguided religious aspirations. JUDGE NOT LEST THEE BE JUDGED YOURSELVES has escaped most of you.
Fix the title - Don't you guys have editors? This kind of mistake shouldn't have made it through the editing process. Jeez... Does anyone care about professionalism any more?
that or you couldn't care less about freedom. it's one or the other usmc - with all due respect.
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