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Obama: Republicans Don't Care About Sick People, Dirty Air, Education, or Law & Order

RedTruck Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 9:11 AM
Snake Oil Salesman - pure and simple - the "eye candy" President - he has know idea what we are about - none - he has lead a charmed life dear fellow Americans - and he is appealing to the half wits who love celebrity - that is what he is all about - our economy is dreadful - hurtful - discouraging - 1/2 the world is on fire - our foreign policy is non existent - but Obama keeps rolling along selling his lies and twists and turns - yes Republicans love dirty air, dirty water, contaminated food, hate old people, young people, yes - we Conservatives are savages. DOPES WILL VOTE FOR HIM - SIMPLY BUT ALL THE DOPES WILL VOTE FOR HIM.