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Is Chris Christie Overreacting Over the NRA’s “Reprehensible” Ad?

RedTruck Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 9:36 PM
you are right about Chris Christie - he is a little man in a big body. Any Republican worth their citizenship should have never - ever given Obama the right time of day - New Jersey would get the help they deserve without Christie sucking up to Obama. You are wrong about the Republicans putting themselves where they are today - they are ordinary people - the party is composed of ordinary people - not capable of understanding the sleazy - dishonest - self serving - low life that we have to deal with in the Presidency of Obama or antics of his minions. Christie should have spoken up about Obama using children to make what he wants dopes to think is a valid point - children are wonderful, darling, terrific but they know nothing about laws.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is apparently up in arms because the National Rifle Association released an ad asking simple yet important question: If President Obama’s kids are protected by professional armed guards -- why can’t yours be, too?

I agree with the governor on a number of substantive points, but here are two things to consider:

1. The NRA -- at no point during their advertisement -- explicitly attacked Sasha and Malia Obama by name. Yes, they imply that the “president’s children” -- because of who they are -- have certain...