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programs such as Social Security into which workers contribute over a lifetime - matched by employers contributions - might have been a terrific idea - if funds from day one were not used for other government expenditures - if the federal government even smells a dollar - that money is gone - it is not the programs so much as the inability of our government to properly expend funds - it is the schemes cooked up by dishonesty - it is the desire for - mostly Dems/Libs to create a depended base of voters.
one does not have to be a genius to look at these people and think - what??? How much more disrespect and double talk will the American people take - utterly disgusting - from Obama down - utterly disgusting - just look at this cast of characters - do any of them look like they know anything about anything - Obama sees nothing, hears nothing - actually knows nothing. Sorry Libs - this type of thing would never happen to a Romney/Ryan team - never - or to Cruz or Rubio or Paul or Mitch Daniels, or Trey Gowdy or John Kasich or Steven King or Rick Perry - we could go on and on - imagine does Biden even know the day of the week or Pelosi or Reid know anything - anything at all except where to grab their next buck.
if the entire fiasco was not so tragic - some Hollywood producer could turn the antics in slap stick comedy - Dems/Libs - arrogant, senile, inept, self serving, ridiculous in every way - like listening to a bunch of school yard bullies - Obama and his crew - his minions have no idea the value of $1 , $1000, or one trillion - no idea - it is all about control and buying votes - WAKE UP AMERICA.
seriously - does any sensible person thing - Obama/Biden/Pelosi/Reid - or any of their minions - take a real look at the Dems in Congress - does anyone think they are capable of putting a functioning program together??? They do not even know how to spell trillion - they are self serving fools - elected by fools - they have absolutely no idea about anything connected to reality. They do not know what BUDGET means - they do not now what FREEDOM means or costs or how to maintain it. Please - these are fools - and we the people are treated like fools by these fools. Does anyone not think Mitt Romney knew and knows what to do - how to get our nation back on track - what a terrible shame.
If we calculate the cost of Obama's stimulus package (most of it to pay back his bankrupt supporters) - and the cost to bring ObamaCare into law - starting from day one - all the interactions, people working on the bill, Obama's million speeches, etc. etc. - work of the Supreme Court, etc. etc. advertising, websites and technical costs - the Federal Government probably could have given every American $500,000 to put into a high interest savings account and we might still be ahead of the game.
632 million - how can "we the people" stomach this treatment - it is just upsetting beyond belief- the condescending treatment by Obama himself - all his minions - the likes of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid - the entire gang of self serving, arrogant, disgusting politicians.
Nothing but a school yard bully - never never have any of us seen such a disgusting display by any of our previous Presidents - this is not a nice man - this man is a disgrace to our nation and any supporter who tries to justify this abnormal behavior by a President should be totally ignored - there is nothing to defend - he is a community organizer trying to play President - nothing more, nothing less.
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No End in Sight for Government Shutdown

RedTruck Wrote: Oct 06, 2013 11:09 AM
Americans who voted for Barack Obama should paint a big O on their foreheads so we the struggling Americans can identify the big problem in our nation - non thinkers who would believe that any radical Lib with absolutely no qualifications or experience that would lend itself to understanding the many, many aspects of being POTUS - should be voted into Office. He can not conduct constructive meetings with groups of people because he is the least capable person in the room.
No person of any intelligence what so ever - can stomach the antics of this Administration and the juvenile ranting of the President on every subject - every segment of our society - instead of leading- making wise informed decisions - forgetting about a far Left radical ideology that is really not reflective of America in any way - Barack Obama carries on his narrow minded fixation with changing this country at any cost - and the cost is being felt by your average American wanting to do the right thing but finding obstacles at every turn - imposed by our own government.
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Harry Reid's History of Ugly Remarks

RedTruck Wrote: Oct 03, 2013 3:38 PM
Seriously - Harry Reid is senile as is Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden - there are many Americans currently in nursing homes - put there - for being senile - and those poor parents, grandparents have more sense than Democrat leadership in general and many of the senile Congress members in particular - it is a major problem for this nation - Democrat leadership senile or inept as in the case of Barack Obama - just listen to them all - can any intelligent human accept their remarks as sensible in any way.
If all the media were providing honest information about the current Administration - Obama's ratings were be about 15% approval - if that - those would be the really truly brain dead and 85% disapprove - every single American is worse off today than when we first heard the words Barack Obama. He has not come up with one - not one policy that is beneficial to our nation in these difficult times - he has made everything - absolutely everything worse. No exception.
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