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For Romney, Is It Third Time's The Charm?

RedTruck Wrote: 19 hours ago (5:07 AM)
Mitt Romney would be a GREAT President - not a good president - a GREAT one. He is probably an excellent choice if this nation is looking for a hard working, turn around guy - that will dig into the mess we are facing. But will Republicans stand behind him - no - and will voters realize what is in their best interest - no. We are a nation of non thinkers who voted for Barack Obama - an absolutely unqualified person for many reasons - many reasons. We are a nation of dopes and probably do not deserve Mitt Romney anyway.
your take is probably right - how can this be happening - it is absolutely disgusting - we the people are being held hostage by Barack Obama - a community organizer with very strange background and associations and Valerie Jarrett a slum lord - child of Iranians and nothing can be done about this. - they are both Muslims.
Barack Obama and his constant yakking - repeating the same stupid things over and over and over again - sickening.
well said!!
this President has many strange ways - one is his street talking attitude he breaks into every now and then. A good many of his mannerisms are totally un Presidential.
everything about Obama is "incoherent" and has been so since he first came on the scene in 2007 - God help us!!
sensible people are not obsessed with Mrs. Clinton - they are seriously concerned that American voters will again - not think, not analyze, not read and not think again before voting for another inept President - Hillary is a woman who has already run out her time in the limelight and has never completed any worthwhile task in her entire public life.
If all the people who voted in 2012 used their brain power - read and thought and analyzed and considered the problems we face as a nation - Romney would have won in a landslide - he was by far the best qualified candidate any party could have produced and is still a man fully capable of running our government - there are not many in that category - and certainly Barack Obama does not even come close - neither is Hillary Clinton in the same category as Mitt Romney - an outstanding - fully qualified person..
the fact that in this country there is a discussion - even a discussion about the importance of having a photo ID when showing up at a polling site - is disgusting. We need photo IDs daily for reasons that are far less important than voting. WHAT IS THE ARGUMENT?? If a person is incapable of somehow getting a photo ID - chances are that person is also incapable of figuring out exactly who is running for any position in any election. Libs do not live in the real world, do not possess one ounce of common sense, and that mental disorder thing - IT IS TRUE.
Obviously the majority of American voters do not care about qualifications for the job of POTUS - therefore, they did elect a community organizer with absolutely no experience on the world scene - strange associations - and a radical ideology drummed into his brain from childhood. The candidacy of Joe Biden seems like a joke to any sensible person - as does the candidacy of Hillary Clinton - both living on the taxpayers' back for years upon years - both having no realistic accomplishments - but considering the irresponsible actions of the American voters who take their right to select a President for granted - who knows Joe - even your senility might not stop you.
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