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Sarah Palin is a story onto herself - she was not a good choice by McCain in 2008 and she would certainly not be a realistic Republic Presidential candidate. We need a person able to hit the ground running - Palin does not have any experience or qualifications for the job of POTUS. We already have gone through an unqualified, inexperience, determined to change everything President - does not matter Obama is a Radical Liberal unable to bring people together - Palin is way Right and creates a hostile atmosphere among her opponents - truly we need someone capable of thoroughly understanding the issues we face which are so serious - very serious - and the next President needs to be a person capable of pulling everyone together.
That good man description is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong - Barack Obama is not a good man - he does not speak like a good man, he does not act like a good man, he has nothing in his background or in his actions and attitude as President that could possibly make one think of a good man. He attends no religious services on a regular basis - or any basis. He is capable of ignoring his duties to indulge in leisure and fun time, he does not reach out to friend or foe for that matter, he does not have an understanding of this great nation or its citizens, his expressions and attitude are not in any way representative of "goodness" - Obama is not a good man - he is a terrible President.
As a Catholic - I just want to say - the Pope should pray more and talk less.
Eugene maybe you would feel differently if those radical Muslims were running around your neighborhood.
Barack Obama is so arrogant - and so clueless - he thinks he can say anything - no facts necessary - just babble - it is called snake oil speech. Sick of listening.
Unfortunately - the President does not operate with an American heart or mindset. He sat in "Rev Wright's Church" for 20 years and has had Al Sharpton at the White House some 80 times - (something like that) - so what do we expect?? Americans must honor our vets - using our American hearts, minds, souls and never forget.
Common sense person - hard worker - spiritual man - doubt he could lie day after day after day after day. Would be nice to have a truthful person before our eyes on a regular basis.
Realism and Practicality - really Mr. President. One would think that is third grade sensibility - for anyone elected to Public Office. Always said we have a juvenile in the White House - a dangerous one at that.
Pope Francis should perhaps lend an ear to your sensible remarks. Yes he speaks Pope words on this particular subject but he is getting into areas where he does not belong. You are absolutely right - he has not walked in anyone's shoes but his own - for many the road is difficult and painful - very difficult - very painful.
hopefully young people realize that Hillary has been around the block so many times she is punch drunk - that is when she is not actually drunk. Even young people do not have the patience to watch this antique mumble and stumble her way around. Older people - have watch her for too long - she is boring and totally unqualified.
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