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Final WBUR Poll: MA Gov Race = Dead Heat

RedTruck Wrote: 18 hours ago (3:27 PM)
Even the most entrenched Dems/Libs feel as though they have been disrespected by their party - from Obama all the way down the line - the head of an entity sets the pace. Obama has disrespected every single segment of American society from Police forces, Medical professionals, big pharma (who creates the drugs used to cure illnesses), non union teachers, religious entities, business owners, our Military, etc. etc. - and demonized his opponents (can it be there is not one sensible opponent to Mr. Obama's radical agenda) - even the brain dead realize Obama's world is totally unrealistic and dangerous..
Scott Walker should be re-elected hands down - he has proven himself to the people of his state.
If early on (in 2007 and 2008) Jewish Americans had really taken the time to analyze Barack Obama - read and thought about him with a very serious mindset - they would not have voted for him - practically in a united block. This is the Barack Obama who sat in Rev Wright's "church" and heard nothing - had some Chicago meetings with pro Palestinian supporters - had a strange childhood - strange influences. Obama divides every segment of American society - well next week Jewish voters can send a signal - we are not going to tolerate this disrespectful behavior from this inept Administration.
Never before - since Obama Dems/Libs now show utter disrespect for the intelligence of American voters - now Clinton who was never an honest politician to begin with - is getting into the mix and showing just how little she respects and regards the mental capacity of Democrat voters - she is peddling garbage - like Obama peddled snake oil - and yes it is dreadfully upsetting that there are people allowed to vote - who do not have the mental capacity to reject this stuff (stuff - that is an Obama word).
pleeeze the woman - an Obama minion - should not take this election - people in New Hampshire - along with the rest of the country better wake up and look around - really take a good hard look at what has happened under this Administration - take off the rose colored glasses and stop buying the snake oil.
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Reporter 'Creeped Out' by Obama Aide

RedTruck Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 10:07 PM
For some reason - wonder what that could be - the Obamas think they are royalty - neither one knows anything about reality - neither one cares anything about reality - they are just living the high life - and will do so forever - thanks to dopes who thought it a good idea to make him President - a totally inept person who could not even do the job of mayor of a tiny American town.
Barack Obama is probably the first US President - elected - although every indication was and is - he is a troubled person - unable to think clearly, make quick and correct judgment calls or get through difficult days of hard work - apparently he does not read or analyze any information presented to him - we have a person the in White House unable to conduct himself as an adult with responsibilities. We are in serious trouble and have been since the day those Greek columns appeared before our eyes.
oh dear God - why - we have suffered enough having this current President and his team toying with the status of the USA - now back to Clintonville - more disgusting arrogance - does this woman really think we need more Clinton - especially one that has displayed such incompetence. Enough watching Obama - no one needs to see Hillary get older and older and older by the moment or changing her "do" every day.
Barack Obama may have been born in one of the50 states - but he does not wear an American flag on his heart or in his soul. He came to the national scene with a background that is strange to say the least - associations that should make any sensible person realize this is not a man for the White House - his radical agenda was obvious to anyone watching him and really paying attention. Dopes voted for him - now they might change their tune - but the damage they did this nation by electing him - will take a couple of strong, savvy Administrations to correct.
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