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Republicans are up against a snake in the grass - surrounded by more snakes in the grass - the Dems/Libs currently serving in Congress are the spineless whimpering idiots trying to follow a sneaky, lying President. Obama comes up with every disgusting trick in the book - he is a school yard bully setting his enemies up at every turn. Wouldn't it be great to actually see a President going into the Senate and House Offices - not to whine, cry, blame but to work with the representatives of we the people - we will never see that as long as the child Obama resides in the White House. No sensible person can figure out how to deal with these dreadful Dems.
well anyone who thinks logically knows the world is a pretty terrifying place right now. anyone who thinks logically knows Obama does not project a strong USA willing to take on the bad guys - just the opposite is true in fact. The only thing radical terrorists - be they Islamic radicals or whatever - the only thing these people understand is strength - power - determination of their enemy - Obama has none of that - you dopes who voted for him might as well have elected a wet noddle a wet noddle with a tendency to lie about most important matters..
When dealing with snakes - things get twisted - that is how the posture held by Conservatives would have been presented - twisted and Heaven forbid - any and every incident indicating a lapse in security - would be blamed 100% on Republicans. Difficult to deal with snakes - but Republicans are holding some cards now - and there is a court order blocking Obama's tricky deeds - hopefully things will work out without the Republicans stepping in it over and over and over again.
Mr. President - we know you think the American people need lectures every 5 minutes but truly most of us (except for your voter base) have brains and know who we need to watch and care about - what war is and how to define it and we know who is at war with us - and Mr. President - you need a serious reality check.
The Mayor is absolutely correct in his observations of the President. Obama has no respect for this nation or its citizens. For hard working, caring individuals - each and every day he pushes our backs against a stone wall in one way or another. Doubtful if there are many in this nation who feel a connection to a President who rambles but says nothing uplifting or significant or worthwhile.
At some point in 2007 we the people heard the first speeches by this snake oil salesman, we fell into a rabbit hole and everything after that got more ridiculous by the day.
CLOSE DOWN THE BORDER - SHUT IT TIGHT - WE HAVE WAY TOO MANY PROBLEMS IN THIS COUNTRY TO TAKE ON SUPPORTING FIVE MILLION MORE OBAMA LOVERS - this President has no moral compass - no common sense - no qualifications what so ever to be POTUS or involved with anything more than a small desk in a community organizers' office.
a bit bothersome??? a bit bothersome??? It is disgusting watching this man - disgusting. No President of any Party should be granted any vacation or fundraising time - flying around - a President is provided with every imaginable luxury in the White House and Camp David - stay either place - BUT WORK - DO YOUR JOB. WE THE PEOPLE ARE FRUSTRATED, DEPRESSED, ANGRY, ETC. TO SAY THE LEAST. Barack Obama could not care less about anything but himself. No sense - no feelings.
well Williams thought - if dopey Americans can elect Barack Obama - they don't know much, check much and are comfortable listening to snake oil salespeople.
Your remark is hilarious - President Reagan on a bad day was and will always remain in American history as 1000 greater a President and man - on his worse day than Barack Obama has even been or will be any single day of his life.
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