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Undoubtedly the NYPD and Departments across the nation will provide support and every consideration for the Officers' families and a well deserved way of honoring these two men - as they face the next week or so. Hopefully there are sufficient members of the NYPD in charge and they will shun any involvement of the Comrade Mayor - the Al Sharptons - or anyone representing the Obama Administration. These disgusting Liberals should be blocked from making even one word statements.
on the one hand you are absolutely right - absolutely. However, this nation is in a huge mess - Republicans can not afford in fighting like last election - we must think this through - and somehow unite behind one person. Big advantage with Bush - he will hit the ground running and certainly be able to assemble an excellent Cabinet and Staff - which any President trying to correct Obama's extreme governing style - will have to do. A good governor is the answer - Ben Carson is wonderful - good VP - he needs exposure and political experience. We can not afford any learning curve what so ever - not the way things are going.
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Warren: "I Am Not Running For President"

RedTruck Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 7:45 PM
Maxine Waters and Elizabeth Warren - don't these people have any idea just how dreadful they are - "we the people" should not even be subject to looking at a photo of these two - together no less - talk about torture - bring on the waterboard. We have had it with Obama all these years and Hillary lurking in the background - what a disgusting group of leaches.
Republicans have a deep bench of highly qualified candidates - from which a great President should be elected. Mitt Romney would have been a great President - and today our country would be in much better shape. Any Republican would be better than Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren - or any single Dem on the national scene right now - Heaven forbid we have to watch and listen to either of those two women - - even the thought of either of those women becoming President is pure torture.
please - a packed audience of purchasers of snake oil - and a set up - bringing Obama into an area he could yak his way around - again and again - the President is a total disgrace - both of these men are a disgrace. Sickening!!
These Capitol EMPLOYEES are insulting the intelligence of the American people. The two issues in question - both men resisted Officers - did not follow directions given by a Police Officer. One went after the officer - all bets off at that point, the other had been arrested 32 times in recent years - 32 times. Obama and Holder and all these Capitol Hill employees better figure out where the problems start and stop and work at fixing issues - not worrying about The Lib/Dem voter base.
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WaPo Writer: "Santorum is Running Again"

RedTruck Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 2:37 AM
No Rick not again. Republicans have to get together - stop fighting among themselves - come up with ONE candidate and back that person to the hilt - that one should announce his Cabinet - Board of Directors - whatever - we need a good team to get this country out of the intense mess caused by an inept, anti American, anti White, Divider - stupid President - torture is watching him destroy our nation.
The face of the Dem Party - Obama the snake oil salesman, three senile creeps that have feathered their nests on the taxpayers' backs (Biden, Reid, Pelosi) - 2 worthless, dangerous Secretaries of State - that know nothing about anything - Clinton and Kerry - now Clinton who has not had one significant achievement in her entire career - except a number of serious lies - vs people of experience, fine educations, years of working in various fields - and the uninformed, voters are still contemplating more horror for our nation.
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Romney Insider: Mitt's Running...

RedTruck Wrote: Dec 07, 2014 9:24 AM
There will always - always be frustration for Conservatives - because our entire country is way out on a Left tree limb right now. We need a smart, experienced, hard working, understanding, determined person to take charge - and a Cabinet and Staff unlike any we have seen - the finest and the brightest - our next President has to put it together we need an executive - a CEO with integrity and determination - a nation pulled so far to the Left has to handle the pull to the Right carefully and thoughtfully - as a life long Conservative - the past six ++ years - watching Obama and his minions has been a dreadful experience - even electing a RINO will be a welcome event.
The recent list out there of 24 Republicans who could possibly seek the nomination is indeed impressive - very impressive - and compared to the Dem side - Hillary?? Biden??Warren?? - two are senile and one is a ding bat. Jeb is in that list of 24 - and of course Jeb would be a better President than what we have had to endure - this Barack Obama - inept and dangerous. However, even those of us who happen to love the Bush family and admire the two former Presidents - we would like to see someone else nominated and love to see it done with class - without infighting - use the large amount of great Republicans ready to run as members of a Board of Directors - they all have something to offer - way beyond any of Obama's wildest dreams.
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