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A Crisis is Only One Reason to Buy Gold and Silver

redtie Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 3:41 PM
The War in Iraq was a liberal social-engineering project, costed like $12 billion/month. The cost per American is $40/month for the past eight years. If you had actually been paying this bill from the get-go, your attitude would have been to 'cut and run' faster than Cindy Sheehan. It's time to stop the 'drama queening' and if you think we should have been in Iraq, and 'Operation Enduring Freedom' has national security value, then PAY for it!

When considering the purchase of gold and silver it’s important to understand why you’re buying it, because that will influence what you purchase. The most typical reasons people consider buying gold and silver fall into three basic categories.

- Business uses: As a hedge against inflation and counter-weight to cash investments such as bonds and money market funds.

- As a crisis currency:  So when things finally collapse you have something to trade for supplies. 

- As an investment: This would be mainly collectible coins with numismatic value. 

To help choose between those...

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