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Naked AIDS Protesters Storm Boehner's Office

red state of mind Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 3:44 PM
I guess I've never understood people who think their political message is more meaningful with less (or no) clothing - especially considering most of these people are probably not people you want to see naked. My guess is that no Victoria Secret models were involved in the protest - in that case, I don't think you'd care what they were saying. Maybe that's their objective - listen to their message to take your eyes off the visual catastrophe that is "naked protesters."

If you think the lame duck session couldn't get any weirder, it just did. Today nearly a dozen naked AIDS activists stormed Speaker John Boehner's office, demanding he stop cuts to AIDS funding while chanting, "Act up! Fight Back! Fight AIDS!" Protesters were asked to put their clothes on and leave by Capitol police or be charged with indecent exposure. Twitchy has more:


I'm not sure which is worse, Code Pink dressing up in costumes of female genitialia, or this. Ick.

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