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I'll ask again - why isn't Kelly the Speaker instead of that flaccid Boehner?
Watch at about :50 - every single Republican gets a shiver up their spine when McCommie, er Mc Dermott starts to lecture the Tea Party on what Free Speech means to democrats.
Kerry would agree to gelding if he thought it would make him seem important. What a worthless blowhard.
Talk to the people of AZ about that one...
McCain - come out of the closet and just put a "D" behind your name and get it over with. I'm sure you're struggling to be true to yourself
Obama's tactic is not to be a strong-man, but also not to be an appeaser - he's going for the middle ground of just being a flaccid wimp.
Better yet, why isn't this guy the Speaker...
was this supposed to be funny?
"Political courage" in a modern age = spending someone else's money on things liberals want to see in place. Doing the right thing (protecting the constitution, doing what is morally correct, being a decent human being) is nowhere to be seen in the calculus.... The "profiles in courage" sham is cynical liberal political theater at its worst.
The media will do to Benghazi what they did to the Gosnell trial - bury it. By Saturday, this will be "old news" and die a death of indifference by the general public. I'm not saying that's what I want to happen but I think this is what will be the eventual outcome.
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Brick House Obama: 2 For 22

red state of mind Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 8:01 PM
Really - we're going to count the "under the basket" gimmie as 1 of the 2 shots he made? Love the "yes we can" as he walks off - clearly the dude "can't."
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