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Hashtag Heroes

red state of mind Wrote: May 11, 2014 1:59 AM
Not even McCain for dogcatcher
Nope - the sheeple will still hail their praise to the dear leader
hey, we have a cool, socialist-sounding ditty to sell the program to the pathetically uninformed - does propaganda count?
Story: "stop the presses - an uninformed liberal!!!" Me: uhm, that's a redundant statement. See also actors, news anchors, Harry Reid, Botox Nancy, DWS, Grayson, et al.
c'mon - you know the answer to that.
tired of him thinking he's politically relevant & so many of the sheeple treating him like his opinion matters more than anyone else's
"I must be really easy to make fun of" You have no idea how easy, Slick Willie - you've lived your life in such a way as to make yourself a very easy target.
I was under the assumption that the Bill of Rights applied to ALL American citizens. WIth Graham's question, and then McDermott's accusation yesterday that the Tea Party folks "deserved" the IRS cavity search, I'm beginning to wondering if our elected officials understand the Constitution at all.
I'll ask again - why isn't Kelly the Speaker instead of that flaccid Boehner?
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