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We don't need opening up the Constitution to new amendments right now. We need enforcement of the existing Constitution, Bill of Rights, and amendments that are already on the books. I think there would be no end of mischief if a Constitutional Convention was called into play. We lack the leaders and the ardent fervor of Liberty that gave us the Constitution. Most changes today need to be well-argued tweaks.
So, Obama chose a version that omits the words "under God"? That is typical of him.
If the Communists take over after the Socialists fall, that would be a very bad thing. Arab spring does not guarantee that the new powers-that-be will be better for the country and its citizens that the previous regime. This needs to be a battle for hearts and minds, and voters. The military needs to keep in mind that the oath of loyalty is to the Constitution, not to the Commander In Chief.
Eric Holder needs to go first. I was never really comfortable with impeachment of Bill Clinton. Presidents generally shouldn't be impeached for being stupid. In the case of Obama, he should be impeached for the same reasons that Nixon was impeached: abuse of power. Once a president assumes powers unto himself, what recourse is left besides impeachment?
Vouchers, and more parental authority over what children are exposed to at school, wouldn't hurt either.
"Kathleen Sebelius again affirmed that the administration will be ready for its November 30th deadline." It depends upon what you mean by 'ready', of course.
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The Problem With Libertarians

RedState08 Wrote: Nov 07, 2013 3:45 AM
I love to hear liberals complain about the Tea Party. Actually, I love to hear liberals complain. It means that there is some threat to their world view that is potent enough for them to wake out of their self indulgence and pay attention. Haven't heard many liberal complaints about RINO's lately.
Libertarian is ok for primaries. That's the Tea Party approach is through the candidates. Third party candidates in the actual election are suicidal for the state, unless you actually Prefer McAuliffe to Cuccielli. And don't tell me that you don't agree with either of the and therefore it's ok to post a 3rd candidate in the election. Te 3rd party always draws votes from the party that is is most similar too. Ralph Nader screwed over the Democrats, and Ross Perot screwed over the Republicans. Consider this. It was Democrat backers who paid for the canvasing that enabled Robert Sarvis to be on the ballot. Think long and hard about why they would do that. If you want to be in the Super Bowl, you need to win the playoffs first. If you can't win the playoffs, you have no business being on the field during the final showdown. But yeah, next time the RNC calls for a contribution, I'll send mine directly to the candidate..
Next time RNC calls, I'll send my contribution directly to the candidate.
"But Rush is right. The big loser in all of this? Ken Cuccinelli. He would have been a good governor, too." Actually the big loser in all this is the people of Virginia. And considering the national attention and funding that poured into the McAuliffe campaign, the entire US will suffer for the Cuccinelli loss. Yes, next time the party calls, I'll send my contribution directly to the candidate.
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Poll: McAuliffe: 50%, Cuccinelli: 33%

RedState08 Wrote: Oct 24, 2013 11:59 AM
Sad, but apparently true.
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