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O' has to go!
The jury is in. Time for discussion is over. It's time for slogans. Spread the word: O' has to go"
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Why Obama's Majority Can't Govern

RedState08 Wrote: Sep 05, 2014 9:46 PM
The jury is in. The discussion is over. It's time for slogans. Spread the word: O' has to go!
The scary thing is that they still get to vote, and their vote counts just as much (if not leveraged two or three time with names from the cemetery) as a more rational person. God help us, and this once great nation!
On the other hand, he DID accomplish the goal to "unify the student body", just not the way he expected. Thank you students and those who support you for taking a stand.
Ok, I won't ask tax payers to pay for it, provided that the tax man doesn't take my money in order to pay for the indoctrination that comes from schools controlled by Common Core conformity. Give me a tax break for sending my child to a school of my choice, and I'll be happy with that.
Obama seems to think that his ideas are fresh and new, and oh so much better than anything that has been accomplished before. You are right that Liberals seem to be caught in a time warp, where the past is the future but this time everything will turn out wonderfully. All they need is a massive dose of central planning and authority, and there will be a flowering of mankind like never before (or shriveling of mankind, in deference to Nature). If they took the time to look at Stalin, Mao, and Pol-Pot, they might start to get a clue, but they don't. This next exercise in decay and collapse is likely to be costly!
That is a good point. Future generations are being taxed, without representation. Many of those still in the womb are being denied the unalienable right to life, granted by the Creator. G.W.Bush tried to displace liberal indoctrination in schools by inserting federal requirements for reading, writing and arithmetic through 'No Child Left Behind'. That only set the stage for 'Common Core', once Democrats gained a majority. The federal government constitutionally has NO role to play in setting standards for education. Any funding dolled out to the states was first extracted from the citizens of the states. The whole system has become bogus, subject to massive abuse.
School vouchers would solve a lot of these problems rather quickly. The government would still insist upon 'standards' for schools to qualify for vouchers, but schools that punish children for pop tarts shaped like guns would suddenly find their students yanked and attending other schools. Dismantling the Dept. of Education should be one of the first steps in streamlining the federal government.
We don't need opening up the Constitution to new amendments right now. We need enforcement of the existing Constitution, Bill of Rights, and amendments that are already on the books. I think there would be no end of mischief if a Constitutional Convention was called into play. We lack the leaders and the ardent fervor of Liberty that gave us the Constitution. Most changes today need to be well-argued tweaks.
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