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I don't think he'll "vanish". He's way too egotistical to stay out of the spotlight. I guarantee he'll be our first ex-president to become a movie "star". We'll never be rid of his ugly, traitorous face.
Absolutely did NOT see this coming!
It is. at the bottom, in the middle
You're not "married". Marriage is a committment in the eyes of God. God decreed that a marriage is between a man and a woman. You can call your commitment whatever you want, but until God accepts it, it's just a civil ceremony so you can pay extra taxes. Have fun with that.
Good idea. I shot all my guns on Saturday. Probably I should clean them during the speach.
ok - show of hands..............who's going to watch this......? Anyone?........Anyone?........
Well................THAT surprises the cr@p right out of me!
I guess I don't get your point. She's not allowed to have an opinion because she has a gay son? I admire her conviction. Her views did not change just because the subject affects her life.
How is that fair? I chose not to have children.............well actually all the men in the U.S. chose for me. How do I get 6 weeks off? Unfair! Unfair! I thought 0bama was all about fairness.
OMG! It'll take up an entire class period! Holy Cr@p! Now you'll have to reschedule that liberal indoctrination class you WERE going to have on that day......which will also not get students engaged in civics. Moron.
"same process would have applied if there was a Muslim family or anyone else requesting a religious exemption" I don't believe that for a minute.
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