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"Who does he think he's convincing"? Every journalist and all the LIVs that kept him in office.
We can't help but're always shoving it in our faces. Maybe if you shut up about it you could go and live in peace.
If it was a conservative conference she was preaching to the choir. The dingbats that need to hear this never will...
Corbett, Can YOU explain why it's ok to send out an email asking US service members to be courteous of the muslims for THEIR religion and then asking US service members to be courteous to the muslims during the CHRISTIAN holidays too? Why don't the intolerant muslims get emails asking them to be tolerant of the Nativity or "Merry Christmas" instead of trying to ban it?
Guess you should stop eating then................because it's a 100% certainty that where ever you are... outside your own home......someone is dieting and suffering from watching you eat.
Yet another example of these third world pond scum being unable to control their own behavior. Their women have to be covered from head to to because they might accidently Ph u ck them, and now you can't eat or drink in front of them because they can't control themselves. What a weak, spineless species they are. Every time I go on a diet people eat in front of me. Maybe I should sue everyone for making me "feel" bad.
Sums up the republican what?
Keep it up and eventually Indians will be "cleansed" from US memory. It will be as though they never existed.
What decade are these people living in?
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