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How many country music fans are Hillary fans?? Can't be that many.
But is it still a rattlesnake....
EVERYONE seems to be generous with the numbers. Why to Townhall contributers continue to cite these phony numbers? How is that helpful to continue the lies?
"I think we're all happy Osama's dead." 0bama didn't do that....the seals did. And it would have happened regardless of who was in office. All 0bama did was pi$$ himself while trying to fine the spine to give the go ahead. Which any other red-blooded American wouldn't have had to think twice about.
No - they're not airing it because they don't want the general public to know what the marxist is doing.
Burn in HeII Holder
You can't do that.............he's black. He gets a pass.
I stopped watchng Hannity because of Karl Rove and all the other usual suspects that continue to undermine the conservative party
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