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I wonder that every election cycle.....
Kerry served in Vietnam?
Social Security that they paid into all of their working lives with the promise that it would be there for them? THOSE parasites lois? Or are you talking about the parasites in government who stole it all to give to unwed mothers and the "handicapped".
Wait! Even ME?
I still like the mental picture of her ducking imaginary bullets as she ran from the helicopter.
None of this could possibly be true. We were assured that it wasn't true.
Never heard the word before............but I'll go ahead and be offended if that helps anyone.
Why would they fight back? They elected these people. They must agree with them.
yeah....we're not allowed to have Fox news where I work. It's all CNN all the time.
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Get Angry Now

Red Spot in a Blue State Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 12:14 PM
Sadly, voters ARE too stupid to notice.
Well....SoCal..........THAT can't be true! Did the cops realize you were black when they stopped you? If not, did you do your due diligence and inform them of your blackness? I'm guessing no..........or you would certainly have gotten a ticket.
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