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Are you kidding? THIS will be MSM's line of questioning for her: Q- Madam Secretary.....who does your hair? And WHERE did you get that lovely pantsuit? Q - How's the tempurature? Are you comfortable?
Like it matters anymore.......We are done as a Constitutional Republic and as a sovereign nation. I'm glad I'm in my mid-50's. Hopefully I'll be dead before we're completely Mexico.....or a pile of glass.
You need to practice your cut and paste skills.
What needs to be "reformed" Mary? We already have laws regarding illegal immigration. So, what needs to be "fixed"? Other than letting all of them stay........which is another word for amnesty.
I fear there won't be a judgement day and we'll just drift along into socialism before the sheeple know what hit them.
There's as LEAST 45% living on the government dole. Those people will always support the one who's offering more free stuff.
Detroit never learned. And hasn't to this day. They are just itching to get that unwanted financial manager out of there and go back to the old ways........the ways that got them into bankruptcy in the first place. The financial manager will be gone October first and Detroit will go back to business as usual.
No they won't - they'll just say they didn't raise it high enough.
What do you mean "who are they"? They're the takers that we've been supporting all along. Of course they support it....and always will.
My brother is a narcissistic sociopath who is also bi-polar. He will not seek help because he believes that he is superior to everyone on the planet.......thus, no one is qualified to help him. My parents sought help for him throughout his childhood but, the minute he became an adult he stopped all therapy. He is now 50 years old and a perscription pain pill drug addict........which I guess keeps him from being dangerous.
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