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Cr@p! Now I have to be FOR it. I don't want to be on the same side as the UN for anything.
And by the way Will......just because some judges went against the will of the people and ruled your way does not mean that any more people accept same-sex "marriage" than before. You will never change people's minds. A marriage is a religious commitment before God. You will never have that. You can call it a "marriage" but it will never really be one. Why can't you be happy with your civil commitments and benefits? NO one cares what you do. EVERYONE cares when you shove it in our faces.
It must be tough to be you Big. What a hard way to go thru life.
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How To Stop Being Poor

Red Spot in a Blue State Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 6:41 AM
I wish all of my neighbors would read this. I live in a government hand-out area and none of my neighbors can understand how I bought 4 income properties. Connect the dots idiots! I go to work EVERY day.....since I was 16. I stick by my promise to pay and people trust me.
It would be nice to have a non-politician, non-lawyer give it a try.
Detroit will not recover. Nothing has changed. They were simply biding their time until this blip in their plan was over. It'll be business as usual immediately. The "illegal" and "racist" water shut-offs should have told you that.
It's about time! Now they can get back to running into the ground.
I know if I hear the word "comprehensive", I'm not going to like it. That word makes my ears slam shut.
We can't vote for him! We're racists!
You knew what she meant though.............right?
But............but the people "overwhelmingly" are FOR amnesty. He said so in his regurgitation yesterday.
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