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Yes, because we were SO beloved by the muslims before Iraq....
The only reason Cummings was upset was because it gave the GOP a weapon......which they won't use anyway.
The current one grants the government very little power. Administrations have chosen to ignore it.
We said the same about 0bama.
"Now you know what caused the GOP landslide in 2014" Unfortunately, the GOPers that were voted into office don't seem to know it.
Sounds racist to me.....
Not sure what you're trying to say here Greg. Maybe another year or two of journalism classes.....
Why do you keep calling him the "black" guy? Quit projecting your racism. Most others here are focusing on the issue......not Garner's race.
"Quinshaunta"? Seriously! Where do they come up with these names??? Do they just start throwing letters together until.........."Hey! Quinshaunta!......THAT'S classy. Let's go with Quinshaunta!" So what if she never makes it anywhere in life because of her's got CLASS!
How many country music fans are Hillary fans?? Can't be that many.
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