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Again, no one is forcing you (or your wife) to work there. If it was really that bad, enough people would quit and Walmart would change their policies or go bankrupt.
"Earlier this month, the president told his supporters at Vox that Healthcare.gov was working "flawlessly." But we knew THAT was a lie before he even uttered it. Open mouth = lie
But not the presidency.................sorry lois.
But you get my point. Who can say how long the days were before the sun was created.
I think it's easy to reconcile science and religion in regard to evolution. God didn't create the sun til the 7th day. The sun is what determines the length of a day. Those first six days could have lasted billions of years until that pesky sun came along and shortened them to 24 hours each.
I don't have a college degree, in fact I have a cosmetology license. I now work in an office and am called a "walking dictionary". I am also the self taught Excel expert. So.........Garsh, golly! Maybe I should go tell my company that they should get rid of me because I'm "undereducated".
I give up. I'm tired of losing and being stabbed in the back. I'm exhausted.
"If I am confirmed as Attorney General, I will commit to ensuring that the Department holds accountable any employees who are found to have committed misconduct." Sure she will.
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