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That ought to get him removed frome the democrat party.
Well............If you want to get technical, it's "than"..
"Can we do a recall election to vote him out in January?" Well.....THAT would be a racist thing to do. You'd only be doing that because he's black.......
If I saw my dad on television making an a$$ of himself all the time I might be inclined to turn to drugs too.
Isn't 40% about the same number of people getting some kind of government handout? The dems will win those people every time.
apparently half of them are..........they appear to be tied
I've been asking that question for years.....If lesbians are attracted to other women.....why do they try so hard to look like men? I do not get it.
That was my thinking. I do wish she would debate though. I can't figure out the thought process. But, you're right, I haven't noticed her backing up any statements .....ever.
Why does Lois get banned? Are we not open to hearing what some else thinks? I don't understand the intolerance here. I l think Lois is misguided too, but i like to know what people like her are thinking.
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