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"Their liberal heads will be the first to be chopped off regardless of how desperately they try to appease the Islamic fanatics." So true - and they'll have nothing with which to defend themselves.............except peeing themselves or claiming an imaginary venereal disease.
I don't think he'll "vanish". He's way too egotistical to stay out of the spotlight. I guarantee he'll be our first ex-president to become a movie "star". We'll never be rid of his ugly, traitorous face.
Absolutely did NOT see this coming!
It is. at the bottom, in the middle
You're not "married". Marriage is a committment in the eyes of God. God decreed that a marriage is between a man and a woman. You can call your commitment whatever you want, but until God accepts it, it's just a civil ceremony so you can pay extra taxes. Have fun with that.
Good idea. I shot all my guns on Saturday. Probably I should clean them during the lies...........er speach.
ok - show of hands..............who's going to watch this......? Anyone?........Anyone?........
Well................THAT surprises the cr@p right out of me!
I guess I don't get your point. She's not allowed to have an opinion because she has a gay son? I admire her conviction. Her views did not change just because the subject affects her life.
How is that fair? I chose not to have children.............well actually all the men in the U.S. chose for me. How do I get 6 weeks off? Unfair! Unfair! I thought 0bama was all about fairness.
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