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Give Kwame my regards when you see him! Good riddance.
I'm not sure she has a vagina. I see her more as something that gloms onto your face and shoves something down your throat........
I don't think we're going to survive til 2016.
Didn't you post this exact same thing several times last week?
So make them. I"ll buy one!
"Misinformed"? Or doe we have differing views? I don't believe I'm "misinformed" at all. Gay marriage does not exist. Civil unions...yes. Marriage, which is a union in the eyes of God..........no.
Let's see how Roberts twists this one to make it fit.
I thought that was hilarious. College students ARE poor............aren't they? Just more outrage from the perpetually insulted victims.
Eventually we'll have erased ALL evidence of Native Americans and everyone will forget they ever existed. No child will ever have the chance to ask, "Mommy? Where did the name Squaw Valley come from?" Thus, depriving the parent a chance to give an important history lesson on our great nation. Everyone will just forget.
Are you kidding? THIS will be MSM's line of questioning for her: Q- Madam Secretary.....who does your hair? And WHERE did you get that lovely pantsuit? Q - How's the tempurature? Are you comfortable?
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