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Caution to Seniors About Obamacare- Let The Buyer Beware

Redshirt44 Wrote: May 09, 2012 7:34 AM
Thank you Dr. Scherz. Doctors who continue to participate in these government payment schemes risk the fate of Karl Brandt, the H.H.S. head in Germany under the Fascist socialists. My question to the doctors is, if the insurer or the government is "paying the bills" then who, exactly is their allegiance to, me or the company? If the government or a company rewards them for not offering me the best healthcare are they going to take the bribe and shortchange the patients? Accountability Care Organizations are directly a conflict of the interests of the unsuspecting patients.

By Hal C. Scherz, MD and Richard A. Armstrong, MD

70 year old woman comes into her Urologist’s office in Atlanta frantic, because her internist has stopped seeing Medicare patients. A 76 year old man in South Florida needs a hip replacement but may not be able to have surgery because his orthopedic surgeon cannot find a cardiologist who will agree to see and evaluate him for surgery. These stories are true, told to me by doctors that I know personally. They are taking place in doctors’ offices all across the country each day and they are on the rise. This is...