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The Conservative Insurgency

RedRum Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 12:53 PM
The GOP needs to avoid falling into traps set by Democrats and the liberal media. We could tell who the GOP nominee was going to be by the staging of the campaign themes last year by Obama goons and dirty Democrats infesting Chicago - villify the rich - especially those (Romney) who had worked on Wall Street. There are in fact many Republicans who are NOT rich. Let's keep this in mind for '14 and '16. Financial success is no longer admired in this nation of envious, bitter, resentful whiners, losers and deadbeats. Play their game, nominate someone that can (and will) try to reach out/relate to common people. Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee are good examples. Jeb Bush is superb, but anyone with that name will be eviscerated.
Kiffur Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 2:50 PM
Remember one of the main themes cited in exit polling: although the majority of voters agreed the country was going in the wrong direction, and felt that Governor Romney would better be able to rectify matters, they did not vote for him because they felt he couldn't understand the problems of "people like them". While I don't agree fully (I don't think the Governor would have been as successful as he has been, had he been incapable of understanding those of us who are just ordinary folk), I can see where the image of him as aloof and of "the elite" would have come. The sad thing is, that most of the GOP candidates for presidency this year would have resonated with these doubtful people more than Governor Romney did. ...
Kiffur Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 3:02 PM
Truth in advertising, as it is, leads me to say that my own preference was for Speaker Gingrich and Herman Cain, in any order they eventually settled on. Either and both could speak truthfully and movingly of the American Dream, and neither could be accused of having no plans for the future of this country. Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, Senator Rick Santorum, Governor Rick Perry, Congressman Ron Paul... all could reach constituencies that Governor Romney could not. Why did the GOP establishment ignore them so completely? ANY of them would have presented more viable conservative credentials than did our chosen candidate. Since I first voted, I have always been a registered Independent, voting the man - or the woman - and the underlying...
Kiffur Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 3:13 PM
...with an underlying credo I could believe in. That meant that I seldom voted a straight party ticket. However, the past four years have shown me that, at least for the next few election cycles, it is important to help in any way possible to establish a strong anti-progressive base in this country. I did NOT abandon the intellectual freedom of being an "independent" voter to give my allegiance to a GOP that is nothing more than "Dem-lite". Kurt Schlichter and other columnists on today's TownHall are right. It's time to build a conservative stronghold in the USA.
In 1968, the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army insurgents rose up against the American and South Vietnamese forces in the Tet Offensive. They were wiped out, yet seven years later they were in control of the country. There are lessons there for us conservatives.

Conservatives, as opposed to the Republicans who partially overlap them on the Venn diagram of American politics, need a strategy. Strategy differs from mere tactics – it is a synchronization of potential ways (think courses of action) and available means (think resources) to achieve a long term end. Tactics are the techniques supporting the strategy....