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Obama Flails as Republicans Stand Firm on Sequester

RedRum Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 11:32 AM
That is key here - he over played his hand. Winning re-election with exactly 51% of the popular votre, is not some sweeping mandate to crush his opposition, get every legislative item he wants and then some or refuse to deal in good faith with the duly elected GOP-controlled House. What comes of this? Likely, only that Obama realizes he must acknowledge that he can't force the House to bend to his will - no matter how weakened or unpopular he feels its majority party to be. His pinnacle has been reached, and the GOP is slowly rising back up, finding its footing and strengthening its position. Now, the party needs a leader, who can go toe-to-arrogant-toe with our petulant President.
They're flailing. That's the impression I get from watching Barack Obama and his White House over the past week.

Things haven't gone as they expected. The House Republicans were supposed to cave in on the sequester, as they did on the fiscal cliff at the beginning of the year.

They would be so desperate to avoid the sequester's mandatory defense cuts, the theory went, that they would agree to higher taxes (through closing loopholes) on high earners.

But the Republicans didn't deal. They decided to take the sequester cuts and make them the basis for a continuing resolution funding the government...