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Obama Flails as Republicans Stand Firm on Sequester

RedRum Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 11:26 AM
What a difference a few weeks make. The world champion Barack Hussein Obama, who's modest re-election victory has instilled him with even more arrogance than normal, was blazing down the path to a liberal utopio - with increased taxes, more spending, Obamacare and his boot on the collective throats of his opposition. Then, as has been the case before, he over did it, over exaggerated the effects of the sequester, miscalculated the GOP response, miffed the press and began backtracking with a phoney, contrived "charm offensive" to get back on course. That only the GOP House stands between Obama and near-tyranny should wake up what I believe is still the nation's majority (the center-right). They've been warned, now wake up & vote!
They're flailing. That's the impression I get from watching Barack Obama and his White House over the past week.

Things haven't gone as they expected. The House Republicans were supposed to cave in on the sequester, as they did on the fiscal cliff at the beginning of the year.

They would be so desperate to avoid the sequester's mandatory defense cuts, the theory went, that they would agree to higher taxes (through closing loopholes) on high earners.

But the Republicans didn't deal. They decided to take the sequester cuts and make them the basis for a continuing resolution funding the government...