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Entering Stretch, Obama Campaign Running on Empty

RedRum Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 2:26 PM
True. Unfortunately for Barack, he has a record this time around. The majority of the press is still in his corner, but they cannot make people ignore or discount their own personal realities. Cheap slogans and lofty, feel-good rhetoric is not going to cut it when millions are worse off now than they were in '08. You can only shirk blame for so long, and Obama has squeezed an entire, undeserved four year term out of dodging blame while accusing everyone not on the left for every ill known to mankind. The gig is up and the Romney era will dawn in two weeks. It can't be soon enough!

President Obama's stump speech Thursday at Veterans Memorial Park in Manchester, N.H., was much like the speeches he's given across battleground states in the last few weeks. Listen to it, and you'll hear the short version of what the president promises to accomplish in a second term. It's not much.

"I will not be satisfied until everybody who wants to work hard can find a job," the president told the crowd. To make that happen, he promised to do five things.

First, he would "send fewer jobs overseas [and] sell more products overseas." He proposed to "reward companies that are investing...