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CNN Slams "Outrageous" Anti-Romney 'Cancer' Ad, Team Obama Refuses to Condemn

redrowan2000 Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 11:26 AM
Breaking News :Obama repudiates this ad. It wasn't Romney it was Bush. No investigation of Fast and Furious--Solyndra--Obamas college records--social security number--His citizenship--His ties with Chicago thugs like Rezko--bypassing Congress to enforce unconstitutional laws ,a justice department that is blatantly racist in the cases it pursues, levying the highest tax on the citizens of this country as stated by the U.S.Supreme Court.Accountability for the TARP, what did it do and who got it? They touched on Wright but basically gave him a pass and defended him to the hilt...I'm sure I missed some other issues but you get the gist...Wealth distribution through healthcare comes to mind. Add you own

The downside here is that virtually no one saw this report as it aired.  The positive angle is that CNN did its homework and got the story right:

Most of the information disseminated in this thorough fact-check isn't news to Townhall readers; we covered the story in great detail yesterday.  But correspondent Brianna Keilar did manage to mine a few additional and worthwhile nuggets:  First, we learned that Mrs. Soptic maintained her own health insurance for several years after her husband's plant was shut...