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Why Legalizing SSM Threatens Religious Liberty and Freedom of Conscience

Redraider Wrote: Apr 05, 2013 8:54 PM
I know you are in denial about this, but having dysfunctional families DOES harm society and it IS hurting and may be in fact destroying it, along with abortion. It is a fact that immigration is the only thing that is keeping the U.S. from being at ZERO population growth because of abortion, which is killing a significant level of the next generation, couples not having children out of choice and NOW the pairing of people who are incapable of producing children EVEN IF THEY WANTED TO, inherently sterile, which is what "homosexual marriage IS! Your ridiculous assertions just went down in flames. The rest of your statement is based on a false premise that people who engage in a peculiar behavior constitutes a minority.

What happens to people of faith who support traditional marriage after the legal definition of marriage is redefined as anything other than a union between one man and one woman? Simple: Their views, I assure you, will be deemed “intolerable” -- and the state will feel compelled to act. Indeed, we’re already seeing this line of persecution happening in Europe (via the Catholic News Agency):

The Danish government recently determined that “gay marriage” includes a right to get married in any church in the country, even if that church objects to such unions. Churches throughout the country will...