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Democrats gone amok, refusing to accept the consequences of their actions, typical Socialist Democrat fashion.
"Great News!! Next up: They want the right to ask a person's religion and want the right to hire only Rom. Caths. No Jews, No Muslims, Shintos, Druids, or Atheists need apply. " Um, doctor, you and leftists liberals like you are against freedom of religion, hypocrite. Hobby Lobby was making their case on the basis of Freedom of Religion and you are against Hobby Lobby, so therefore, you are what your comment is criticizing and therefore a HYPOCRITE.
"And if you don't think THAT represents a loss of freedom,a nanny state," The clueless and ignorant DoctorX is back to show how sound reasoning eludes him. doctorx is clearly clueless about what the term "nanny state" means. He is idiotic enough to not know that only the GOVERNMENT can be a "nanny state" and to not know that Obamacare is the ULTIMATE nanny state, so he doesn't care about whether someone is under the "nanny state" except that he wants to make sure we all are. And then, he acts like he cares about freedom, when he clearly doesn't. The bottom line is that he is delusional and no matter the number of facts that disprove his delusions, he will still cling to his made up delusions.
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The K Street President

Redraider Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 9:27 AM
"But the reform-peddling candidate soon found it impossible to practice what he so sanctimoniously preached. Now, Obama depends on their "strategic advice" and Beltway wisdom." Because he is too incompetent to know this any other way.
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News Guide: Primary election highlights

Redraider Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 9:15 AM
"Former Trek Bicycles executive Mary Burke easily won the Democratic nomination to face Walker" Typical useful idiot hypocrite Democrat. Did she surrender 50% or more of her income to the government as an "executive" of a company, which is the anti-capitalist platform of the Democrat party? I doubt it. But, as a Democrat, she expects everyone else to do so.
"But Israel contains the chosen people, they can slaughter thousand of Muslims and Christians," You left out some words and added some non-applicable words. I'm sure you meant: "But Israel contains the chosen people, they can slaughter thousand of MURDEROUS Muslims" There, that makes your statement true and so? Whats wrong with slaughtering murderers? "and Christians," Wrong, there are not any Christians to speak of in Gaza because the muslims, as in muderous muslims, took care of that, hence the term "murderous muslims". But you approve of that don't you?
"Why has America not kicked this communist organization off our land yet?" Too many Democrats and their willing accomplices, the RINOs.
The Republicans DESERVE that. Boehner is just completely incompetent. Either he lacks the courage or principles to do more or he is too incompetent to voice them and enforce them.
Ronald, I agree with Sloandog. Our leadership IS weak, unlike some members, like Cruz.
Yeah, it's about time Hamas got indicted for their attrocities, I AGREE! Unfortunately he wasn't talking about Hamas.
"Love both of those guys but not good choices for executives. Need executive experience which Senators typically do not have." No they don't have to have executive experience, just sound principles, common sense and courage to exercise both. If you have strong and sound principles and refuse to compromise them, you have the tools to solve any problem. Besides, Dr. Carson IS an executive. Doctors are the CEOs of their OWN business. They don't have bosses because they are the boss concerning everything they do. And Cruz's bosses are the founders of this country. All he has to do is exercise the instructions they left for us in the Constitution which he is MORE than willing to do according to all he has said.
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