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"Why has America not kicked this communist organization off our land yet?" Too many Democrats and their willing accomplices, the RINOs.
The Republicans DESERVE that. Boehner is just completely incompetent. Either he lacks the courage or principles to do more or he is too incompetent to voice them and enforce them.
Ronald, I agree with Sloandog. Our leadership IS weak, unlike some members, like Cruz.
Yeah, it's about time Hamas got indicted for their attrocities, I AGREE! Unfortunately he wasn't talking about Hamas.
"Love both of those guys but not good choices for executives. Need executive experience which Senators typically do not have." No they don't have to have executive experience, just sound principles, common sense and courage to exercise both. If you have strong and sound principles and refuse to compromise them, you have the tools to solve any problem. Besides, Dr. Carson IS an executive. Doctors are the CEOs of their OWN business. They don't have bosses because they are the boss concerning everything they do. And Cruz's bosses are the founders of this country. All he has to do is exercise the instructions they left for us in the Constitution which he is MORE than willing to do according to all he has said.
Your comment only serves to show that you want a totalitarian government without any opposition or accountability, especially moral accountability, which is the duty of churches. But you are too beholden to your god, government and ignorant to see that. So to be a government slave is what you deserve to be because that is what you are now. You just haven't experienced the full effects of it yet. That is why people like you are called useful idiots. What you want is against your best interests, yet you keep pushing for it anyway.
Typical liberal, they always want others to pay more taxes but are not wiling to pay more taxes themselves when it is THEY who believe more taxes need to paid. Walk your talk and YOU PAY MORE TAXES Zinn. No, get back to ME when you forgo your tax refund and pay more of YOUR income to taxes. The Churches are not beholden to the government. YOU ARE, so walk your talk.
Zinn, he has provided solutions, but what you mean is "solutions" that line up with Obama's failed solutions and and solutions that line up with your bankrupt ideology. No, just because you don't like his solutions and choose to ignore them doesn't men he hasn't been offering solutions. And you say that as if Obama isn't the one who is brain dead, when every reasonable person, including Cruz know that Obama is the one who is brain dead.
Right annfan, what we need is people with sound principles and who will stand by them and not compromise them for political expediency and that is what Cruz does. We need leaders, not politicians. Bobbit want's another politician.
This is why the UN has no credibility. EVERYONE knows HAMAS has a declaration to wipe Israel off the map and to kill all Jews all over the world, and this that is happening in Gaza is a DIRECT RESULT of carrying that out, yet they completely ignore ignore that and act like it doesn't exist. They are liars. They lie to themselves about the facts of the case.
who are the sponsors of that socialist trash site? We need to contact them.
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