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All Democrats are liars. She is as bad as the rest of the liars.
Actually proving it is genetic would allow us to treat gayness as a genetic disorder which may someday have a cure. I say let's keep going down that path, because fixing genetic disorders is becoming a real possibility.
But did you sit by them for 5 hours on an airplane? See that is the question today, Mr. President. Is it safe for me to get on a plane, when my government told me they were on top of this, and today I find out they let a person they knew might have Ebola fly all over the country.
So is that the picture before they kill it? These women are disgusting, I think they need to have more exposure because no one can hear their rhetoric for long before it becomes clear what monsters they truly are.
After how many days living with the disease? if they get sick the CDC is the problem not the solution. They should have been moved out of the danger zone immediately, they for sure were not contagious yet! But they were FORCED to live in the contaminated apartment! That is just the worst thing I have ever heard. It is like they wanted them to get sick. I pray that they don't, in spite of the incompetence.
It's to bad you don't understand how our government works. Once again blame the victims. You are why we cant' fight the corruption you blame the GOP instead of the guilty. Nice brain washing job the media has done on you.
I doubt the destruction of confidence in the justice system will ever be repaired. Eric Holder should be hung.
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Progressives Will Save the GOP

RedPetunia Wrote: May 20, 2014 7:04 PM
I am worried that the generic polling is showing Democrats ahead again, why is that? I guess I haven't seen one with just the coming elections... maybe the Primarys are turning people off?
Because the Democrats never fund raised on the Iraq War right? Or any other disagreement they had with Republicans..... How stupid can you get? Fund raising on the way the President lied to us? Yes please! The President got people killed and lied about it for months! If that isn't a reason to defeat Democrats what is?
During a press conference Friday morning, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters, "The American people have either forgotten about Benghazi or they never knew about it in the first place." Seriously? And that isn't reason enough for an investigation? They swept it under the rug... and that is why we can't get the truth? Amazing. Simply beyond parody.
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