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Talk about drunk with power! Oh my gosh. They wanted to punish people who lied, but everyone "knew" they were lying? Thought police. Oh my gosh!
I would like to think that Cummings would get jail time, but I think Congress can't be prosecuted for things they do in office or something. I hope I'm wrong. I knew Cummings reaction was bizarre, considering that pay back could happen if Democrats allow this kind of abuse of power. I couldn't understand it... now I do.
Seriously... remember how the puritans got really out of control... or in control of everyone's life? That is today's Democrat.
That is the point of what Cruz is doing actually... those bills are coming... and Cruz is making sure EVERYONE knows why and who to blame come election time. Brilliant actually. It really isn't about this vote. That's what's got the Democrats spinning this silly little vote so hard... trying to avoid blame for that rate increase waiting for every American this year.
Right... the Democrats will keep there royal healthcare and make sure that the middle class has to be rationed with the rest of their serfs. When Congress has the same as joe blow on the street... until then... they are making me get a new plan I don't want, and I have to pay twice as much for it. And you can bet I'm not seeing my Congressman waiting in that waiting room. They need to butt out.
Putin played him toyed with him... pulled him in... it was amazing to watch step by step... and our President is the stupidest man ever born. I am embarrassed by him. What a joke.
What ever. The rich in those countries have their own self pay hospitals... only for the rich... our tour guide in London made fun of them... saying that is the hospital all the rich people go to before they die... But what I saw was the Aristocracy and the serfs. And that is where we are headed. No middle class at all... a few at the top and the rest.
At some point... it will be such a mess, it will implode on it's self.
They can't really stop it. So this theater is just making sure the voters remember whose at fault for the pain to come... so they can curse Obama while wading through the confusion and doctor waits and extra money... making sure they know the Republicans were not for this. I think it is going pretty well.
I hope you aren't over estimating them. I think you are. But I am starting to like this Cruz fellow. He is very charismatic, we haven't had one of those since Reagan. And he seems to be keeping his word. That is new. At very least... right now many, many, many, people are going to get a raise in their premium, or have to tackle the job of wading through insurance info and choosing a new plan... like me... they outlawed my major medical with an attached HSA apparently. So I have to figure out which of the other things... I think I already rejected those... I will shill out twice as much money for. Whether planned or not... making sure who to blame for this confusion and unexpected expense ... is a good play.
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