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Losing the Winning Game

RedPetunia Wrote: Jan 01, 2015 2:38 PM
Wait!!!! This actually works as a comment on this article!!!!! A New Year's miracle!!!
My theory is that they actually hate the fact she is married to a man. I think most modern feminisnts are not women at all, but lesbians, who are in competition with men for women's attention. When women actually like men, they get angry. I have nothing in common with "feminists" I love my husband, sons, sons in law, grandsons, etc... my father was great, I learned to appreciate my father-in-law... I like men, I have never found them oppressive in any way. Oppression is a fallacy perpetrated by lesbians and bi-sexuals who hate men.
Yep. Stupid Democrat social engineering. Conform or they send the police to strangle you. This is what Democrat Utopia looks like.
De Blasio needs to go. And soon. NYC is exploding, and the streets are not safe for the police. Bring in the military to protect the police from those mobs. NYC is a mobocracy. DeBlasio needs to go.
Every single Democrat is a liar and a racist. We must get these hypocrites out of power for good.
I want to agree with the author, but somehow, it seems like a personal attack rather than a substantive criticism of the tests and materials. It sounds like a personal vendetta. If the author is concerned with education, she needs to offer facts in support of her position, not go after people she simply doesn't like. I really wanted to be on her side. But I can't hate a person just on her word.
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Why Millennials Hate Voice Mail

RedPetunia Wrote: Nov 04, 2014 6:48 AM
Not just Millennials! Text me, much more efficient.
Oh that is chilling. Does she have the information they were deleting some where else? Patrick Kennedy was being protected. Who else? This is beyond censorship. This is big brother frightening. Why won't the rest of the media cover this? And I hope she has a body guard.
Why are the buttons so easy to push? Why aren't people smarter than that?
All Democrats are liars. She is as bad as the rest of the liars.
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