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If Lois Liar did nothing wrong, she wouldn't be pleading the 5th. Lock her up in prison and strip her of any pension if she refuses
Democrats don't care about America. They only care about their party
Lynne Stewart will burn in hell for her crimes against humanity
Nutty Nancy hasn't ruined the country yet. That's why her work isn't done
I love this article. It's freaking hilarious, and sure to tick off every libtard that reads it
I can't believe a Democrat "think tank" actually used independent thought beyond their usual Marxist talking points
Sandra Fluke wants everybody to pay for what her and her vagina desire's
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The Dictatorship Has Arrived

redpens Wrote: Jul 04, 2013 12:15 PM
The dictator has been in full force since 2008. It became even more apparent when the House went to the GOP in 2010
The left hates independent thought. The teachers' unions hate not being able to indoctrinate our children. This is about controlling multiple generations. The left has a totalitarian mindset and will stop at nothing to trample our rights. It's long past time to get in their faces and challenge them on their views
Obama and Democrats know Obamacare sucks. But they don't care. It's about enslavement to big government
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