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To all who think this a bad idea and Mike is tearing the party apart why not compromise your believes and support the Christian wing of the party? You can't possible win without us and we won't compromise on the bible banal as it seems to you.
You would if the 80% were voting against your life.
If this is an issue you are comfortable compromising on George then maybe it's you who should compromise and vote for a pro lifer.
The leftists recognize the pattern hell they ARE the pattern, what we need is for independents to recognize the pattern.
They don't call republicans the stupid party for nothing....the party elites have earned it.
It's not only bird hunters, I've heard big game hunters who were just as stupid. Who needs an AR? it won't effect MY hunting.......fools they don't understand the concept of divide and conquer.
The idea of killing 50 million baby trumps about any argument you could possibly make for voting dem.
True they seem to forget those 50 million babies
I can hear the libertarians whining now as they head for the FEMA reeducation camps "if I had just used my protest vote"
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Islamophobia: Fact & Fiction

redneck8 Wrote: Oct 10, 2014 9:17 PM
Radical Islamics want to cut off your head moderate Islamics want radical Islamics to cut off your head.
Is he the only one? Damn Caucasians have a good record.
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