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There are far more establishment republicans than conservatives the difference is the establishment republicans have no balls and won't put up a real fight for anything, like Bonehead they will sit in a corner and cry.
Democrats are communists. Elitist republicans are socialist. Not that much different from where I sit.
RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT McConnell gave up the democrat weapon of reconciliation for one reason, to appear he was doing all he could while achieving what he wanted all along...amnesty . Saturday night wrestling at it's best. Now go have a beer with Reid you traderious POS.
In charge of WHAT? who waves the white flag?
Obama's nightmare deal is to kick the can down the road, nothing more nothing less. He doesn't have the balls to confront them now so he capitulates to Iran's demands moving any confrontation past him.
Thanks that was very interesting...Live Long and Prosper sign!
Is that why old Jeb is stuck at the bottom of the polls? I thought sure that the elites in the party would assure him the nomination, but it looks as if the base is sick and tire of the elitist. Now if the a**holes in Washington don't completly destroy the republican party before 2016 elections we might actually get a conservative.....OK I admit that some bIG ifs.
Christie is a loud mouthed clown. He still hasn't learned that you can't work with democrats. Walker on the other hand has learned that with democrats the only way to work with them is to crush them like vermin they are. Can wait for Walker to announce so I can send him some money.
Complaining to each other does no good at all. Republicans are cowards,if enough of us call and raise hell maybe they will find a backbone.
You're right Sandrita in the fact that Islamic expansion is the greatest long term threat for the whole world, but immigration will destroy this country as we know it long before the Muslims arrive.
Yep Obama wants anyone gone who might not follow his orders when the time comes.
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