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Talking with Pagans and Talking with Journalists

ReddestNeck Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 2:11 AM
Excellent point. I've rarely seen anyone who scoffs at the literal veracity of Christian beliefs willing to even admit they might contain much wisdom. Oh they'll highlight wisdom in the beliefs of Indians (both dot and feather ones) but those Christians? Why those Christians (and usually, Jews) are nuts! (As far as they are concerned.)

Sports Illustrated has come to my mailbox for nearly 40 years. I hope it comes for 40 more. But I also hope whomever is assigning the stories in the future begins to think more about the readers than their political and social agendas.

Super Bowl week featured a cover of a praying Ray Lewis rising from the water, and a cover story by New York Times’ religion columnist Mark Oppenheimer on Christians in the NFL. The story was enough to cause PJMedia writer Andrew Klavan to declare he would not renew his SI subscription, and most serious Christian...