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Sex and the Generals

ReddestNeck Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 12:07 PM
Skipping all questions of morality for discussion's sake, it would be a foolish move to ask health care plans to cover an item that is almost always far less expensive to buy than the esteemed Ms. Fluke would have us believe. Most health plans, and certainly the kind that meet the Obamacare criteria, already go well beyond the scope of any insurance plan in other fields -- they are like car insurance that covers getting your oil changed. Don't forget these originated as tax exempted benefits that employers could voluntarily offer, not as government crafted vehicles of nanny-hood. And the result would be to drive up the price of contraceptives to every woman, just like it would drive up the price of aspirin if it covered aspirin.
Sex remains the surest prop for all that is funny ... and sad. In the first instance, we often call the result ribaldry. In the second instance, it is always called tragedy.

General David Petraeus has, in war, been a hero. In public service, too, he was a national asset. But toward the end of his soldiering, his life is now cast in doubt. As the head of CIA, the doubt has increased. Almost certainly, as director of central intelligence, he was no Dick Helms or Bill Casey. Those names from a better era illuminate the dreariness of this tawdry episode, and...