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Pols Pray Just to Make it Today

ReddestNeck Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 10:21 AM
And this doesn't mean Sunday schools full of nazis either... it was a more comprehensive message, a message that our bodies were temples of the Holy Spirit. Heavenly hope also moved us to behave ourselves more fitting to God before we ever got to heaven.

Washington, D.C. -- There was a young man -- 23 at most -- quietly saying his morning prayers on Capitol Hill on the third day of 2013, and it seemed for a moment like a warm ray of light in the midst of a blistering cold spell.

He walked into a church here just behind me for a bipartisan, ecumenical prayer service that marked the beginning of the first day of the 113th Congress. The last days of the 112th were a bit, how does one put it, hellish. In contrast, the church meeting was quite beautiful. Prayer leaders were not just...