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Obama's Dangerous Consistency

ReddestNeck Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 9:25 AM
These rabid Moose are perhaps unclear about how enshrined the 1st Amendment is in America. Mere criticism of belief systems or expressions of one's own belief systems, no matter how unfair they might be, is not banned and case law going up to the Supreme Court robustly upholds that. However they cannot have missed how the statistically tiny homo crowd, for instance, has whined and hounded large segments of society into acquiescence, and so these brazen Moose are pursuing an analogous tack. That's probably also why there is detente between the two. Sooner or later, if the Moose take over, then it will be a hell for Christians and homo libertines alike.
On Tuesday, Egypt's chief prosecutor issued arrest warrants against eight US citizens.

Their purported crimes relate either to their reported involvement in the production of the Internet movie critical of Islam that has received so much attention over the past 10 days, or to other alleged anti-Islamic activities.

One of the US citizens indicted is a woman who converted from Islam to Christianity.

According to the Associated Press, Egypt's general prosecution issued a statement announcing that the eight US citizens have been indicted on charges of insulting and publicly attacking Islam, spreading false information, and...