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Guns in the Home Surprise Criminals

ReddestNeck Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 9:03 PM
Did he document it as a tall tale? Maybe someone has that information from elsewhere (that was decades ago and Humberto has been writing for a long time too) but it does not seem to be present here. It is really weird like a lot of real world experiences are. Enough what-ifs to fill an encyclopedia. A bird shotgun isn't the most ideal sharp shooting weapon, after all. Maybe Snoop so admired Humberto's spunk that he spared their lives -- that's as plausible an explanation as any. And as bizarre as it may sound to some, the good Lord's hand of protection too.

(This true-crime event took place the night of Nov. 13th 1981.)

A duck hunt loomed in the morning so I hit the bed early, where my wife Shirley (six-months pregnant) was reading. Elaine, her sister, was due home from the show any minute……

Suddenly all hell broke loose downstairs— door crashed in, shrieks, bumps, whacks. “Shut-up!”

“Oh NO!! NO!!”


Geezum! Somebody broke in?! And I could hear Elaine screaming. I leaped from my bed to the gun rack, grabbed the pump shotgun and started slipping in shells.

“Don’t shoot!” came Elaine’s cry from the darkness downstairs. She...