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Which is an attempt to do church the worldly way. Tempting as hell yes. God's expressed desire no.
Christian faith results in a repurposing of self. The old urges turn out to be nothing more than destructive sin.
"Rightly" -- by what fixed standard? All you can say is that the mob you have whipped up about how wonderful homosexuality supposedly is -- is bent on such ostracism. It is time to all those of sense to raid the pity party.
You've been conscripted all right, Z. By the devil.
You'd be screaming if some televised megachurch thundered against homosexuals, wouldn't you? Even though it was all private?
The analogy is lame no matter how many billion times people spew it, because guess what there is still a God, with an independent existence, on the throne.
Surprise! The world is gone to the dogs.
Got to remember, when looking at this sad scene, that there are people who say good and evil don't matter. As the devil sees it, if they can't be brought to love the worst evils, at least they can be brought to not care about good. Not everyone will agree with the Roman Catholic ritual claims, but most can see that they are at least intended to portray goodness.
Nothing but God can do anything about the hard hearts that make this calamity possible.
There was one, but they were only giving physical voice to what was already going on in their hearts. Sinners boo God, and unsaved sinners are unforgiven and on their way to hell, a hell that they brought about themselves.
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