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Polls: Americans Strongly Oppose Government Shutdown

red_jmccainian Wrote: Sep 24, 2013 1:54 PM
First the Republicans hate the government and Obama and now they cannot do without him as well. They are just pitiful lot.
Rodney47 Wrote: Sep 24, 2013 1:57 PM
Your sister give you back your barbie doll heads yet? Go tell mom, we're sick of your 1st grade bs.
Duke Nuk'em Wrote: Sep 24, 2013 1:57 PM
Keep slurping the Fool-Aid. It shows in your "comments."

No surprises here -- but a worthwhile reminder, given that the current "defund Obamacare" strategy relies on (a) Republicans filibustering a Republican bill, and (b) a prolonged government shutdown. The former move would be awfully difficult to explain, and easy for Democrats to ridicule; the latter would receive a decidedly chilly reception from John Q. Public:

An overwhelming majority of Americans prefer the Senate’s approach to the government-funding negotiations: 63 percent said Congress should “provide the...