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I do not understand how are they scandals and wish to set the record state: IRS - as soon as Obama came to know about the wrong doings of the IRS on the TV he ordered a full inquiry. The commissioner was removed and even Lois Lerner was sent on leave. But the false hood of Fox news that Obama was responsible has never been proven true 4 died in Benghazi was true, but the false news is that Obama used video as coverup. At that the time that was the best intelligence estimates they had and all the CIA and military officials felt the same way NSA programme is used to prevent terrorist attacks on Americans and at that time they felt Rosen was harming American interest wrt to North Korea.
Ofcourse smart people watch only MSNBC and Maddow
Becoz he is the President of both Christians and Muslims
Yes but Fox News is still lying about the so called phoney scandals and still nothing has turned out to be true until now.
Yes but an opinion given by a reputed TC could be misleading and intended to have the same effect as a lie and is hence as good as a lie.
But that is only in self defense and if only we are attacked by the non-muslims and other people of the book
how can ordinary people fight against a state with a few guns? If these guys had attacked a government installation they would be mowed down by the state apparatus
Fox news predicted till the very end that Obama would lose even after the last vote was in, Rove was claiming a magic will happen and Obama would lose. Fox news analysis is always wrong. I predicted that Obama would never attack Syria and it turned out that way.
Do you mean to say my English is something like a that of Goebbels or some literary wizard that is helping to stir people up? That is strange - I though I was writing plain and simple English
All muslims are bound to be sympathetic. That is a given
It is people like Marie who are the real terrorist, who do not understand the ABC of what is happening in Kenya and want to kill all muslims. This is racism, facism and Islamophobia at its best
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