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Suppose I go to a booth and forget my ID would I be forced to go and get one? Further many bllacks and poor people who have been living for ages in USA and are below poverty line do not care about IDs. These voter ID laws are draconian in nature.
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Carney: I'd Sign Up for Obamacare

red_jmccainian Wrote: Sep 25, 2013 3:49 PM
Can people on foodstamps and not earning also join Obamacare? Who will pay our insurance?
First the Republicans hate the government and Obama and now they cannot do without him as well. They are just pitiful lot.
Do you want all the malls in Kenya to be shut down or what?
This guy should be still punished as his movie sparked outrage in Egypt and worldwide, resulting in deaths of hundreds of peace loving musilms and hurt the feelings of billions of muslims worldwide. Such people should be kept in prison and hanged if needed.
Here comes Hillary at her swinging best.
But the MB was a democratically elected conservative party of Egypt, just like the conservative christian party in the european nation or the republican party in the US. I am suprised at such a rash decision by the dictators in the Egypt party.
Wow the cultural diversity in America is amazing. It is great to see a half black as POTUS and a full black as FLOTUS
Zimmerman is a glaring example and it happens practically daily, we black guys are being mowed down on a daily basis.
I do not understand how are they scandals and wish to set the record state: IRS - as soon as Obama came to know about the wrong doings of the IRS on the TV he ordered a full inquiry. The commissioner was removed and even Lois Lerner was sent on leave. But the false hood of Fox news that Obama was responsible has never been proven true 4 died in Benghazi was true, but the false news is that Obama used video as coverup. At that the time that was the best intelligence estimates they had and all the CIA and military officials felt the same way NSA programme is used to prevent terrorist attacks on Americans and at that time they felt Rosen was harming American interest wrt to North Korea.
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