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Military and Society Threatened by Women in Combat

red-dot-in-a-blue-state Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 5:55 AM
This is all because female officers complain they have a glass ceiling for promotions since they can't command combat-arms units (Infantry/Artillery/Armor). The Army turns punks into Infantrymen at Sand Hill. The process involves torture & fear, and is closed to the public. I was there, and I know there's no woman who can handle it. Many men don't make it. My platoon started w/55 & graduated 29. The physical part is a killer, but the mental part is pure hell! In Ranger school, after the worm pit, they line you up outside, make you strip naked in the cold, and then spray you with a fire hose to clean you up. No place for women there.

The first line of attack in political battles is language. Getting people to phrase things your way is the first step to getting them to think your way.

In the foggy mess of the debate over women in combat, you will see media references to a “ban” being “lifted.”

Bans are bad. Lifting bans is good. Therein lies the bias strangling this issue in the dominant media culture.

Am I “banned” from the women’s restrooms at work? No, I’m just not supposed to be in there, so that word doesn’t come up. The...