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France Wakes Up To A Socialist Reality: Will America?

red-dot-in-a-blue-state Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 11:49 AM
It's all identity politics. Obama won because the blacks, browns, yellows, reds, feminazis, malcontents, gays, Jews, communists, atheists, environuts & America-haters look at him & say, "He's one of us." They harbor a deep hatred for what they see as traditional WASP America, as they believe it's unjust & unsophisticated. In France (and most Euro-Socialist utopias) the socialists appeal to those who also hold onto a hatred of America and/or anything representive of traditional culture or "pro-white-Christian-males". Listen to their campaigns. If you don't vote for them then you're a lap-dog for American hegemony. They use that hate to maintain their political machines. Their victories have nothing to do with actual fiscal/monetary policy.

“People call this the ‘new normal.’ Let me assure you there is nothing normal about this at all. It’s the new ‘abnormal,’ and it won’t last, because as free people we won’t stand for it…”

With those remarks, business magnate and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes drew thunderous applause from his audience.

It was October of 2012, about 2 weeks before our last presidential election. Forbes was speaking to a crowd of 10,000 in the comforts of a beautiful indoor sporting area (the “Idaho Center”). He was headlining the “Power Up!” business and motivational seminar with Sarah Palin, Rudy Giuliani,...