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Exclusive: Occupier Says Breaking Windows and Burning Cop Cars Isn't "Violence"

rectreg Wrote: May 10, 2012 9:05 PM
nice Gayle, your wordplay is very witty. Thanks for elevating the discussion. This is not splitting hairs. You have a case for destruction of property; that is not the same as domestic violence. You tried to make that point in your last two sentences by suggesting he damaged property in a fit of rage but ultimately its not the same thing. Yes, the justice system can fail in many places. Murderers go free, innocent people are locked up. A charge is not a conviction. Taking aggression out on an inanimate object is not the same as harming a person. Nuance is important. We should split hairs, we should logically rip each others arguments apart. But let it rest on the argument, not whether or not you can dismiss me by calling me rectum...

Yesterday we learned that the SEIU, a union with heavy ties to President Obama, is paying $4,000 per month for office space in downtown Washington D.C. What is the office space for? Occupiers to organize and meet. President Obama supports Occupy Wall Street. So yesterday, I decided to take a trip down to the Occupy offices and check it out for myself. The office is located on 16th and L and is on the 6th floor.