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Had a republican been in office, do you think the same events would have transpired? Is it possible that banks would have backed any candidate who would perform their desires?
So you want laws that were created 230 years ago, that could have never foreseen the complexities of the world we live in today. Why stop there...lets disband the whole union...its clearly not working for the people in this thread....it was a nice experiment... time to shut it down You don't want to pay for any programs that benefit you. Fine... let the states all be autonomous. You can figure it out.
No wrong again; I think we can agree rapists and murderers should go to prison; That behavior is deplorable. vandalism could be a felony or a misdemeanor, so no guarantee on being prison bound as a vandal. anarchism is a political philosophy, not a crime, regardless of how much you would like it to be. What you suggested was assault...if you punched someones teeth in...assault. You can call the people here with dissenting views here names and ill-educated, but you all you are doing is reinforcing your own ignorance.
nope guess again.... and that was physical violence...you're probably right... tea partiers dont destroy property...which is ironic as they were named after an event that was the destruction of property for the sake of protesting unjust taxes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OFYO_SIy5Y
Seriously, where are you getting this from? That would constitute violence.... It would also be assault. You will be the only one getting free dental care, as you would hopefully be going to prison.
I don't think anyone is arguing criminality...What you described was breaking and entering, theft, destruction of property and arson...but yes technically not physical violence....YOU WIN
What programs are we to cut? Please do tell. We are welcoming suggestions. Social Security? Medicare? Defense? What damage has been done? Do you know the meaning of marxist? Because based on the way you've used it, i don't think you do. You would be well served to buy a dictionary and some history books. And at this point, Harrast may not be so brilliant, but at least he is engaged with reality
I started on this thread trying to be peaceful, logical and fair; however the vast majority of the posters have no idea what they are talking about. Do you live in the same reality that the rest of live in? Disaster to the economy? Comrade hussein, really? Where do you get this from? Read a book. Get some facts. Don't regurgitate fox news talking points mixed with your own xenophobic diatribes unless you actually have a cogent and informed point to make...you are making the rest of us dumber.
nice Gayle, your wordplay is very witty. Thanks for elevating the discussion. This is not splitting hairs. You have a case for destruction of property; that is not the same as domestic violence. You tried to make that point in your last two sentences by suggesting he damaged property in a fit of rage but ultimately its not the same thing. Yes, the justice system can fail in many places. Murderers go free, innocent people are locked up. A charge is not a conviction. Taking aggression out on an inanimate object is not the same as harming a person. Nuance is important. We should split hairs, we should logically rip each others arguments apart. But let it rest on the argument, not whether or not you can dismiss me by calling me rectum...
The functional word is "charge"; Conviction is different as domestic violence entails assault, battery, kidnapping or a litany of other felonies where a family member is physically hurt or threatened to the point of reasonably fearing safety.. if he said, im going to hurt you and broke the chair, perhaps you have an argument...your premise doesn't hold up
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