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Odd view of the AZ gov race. Doesn't look anything like that from down here in Pima County. Jones is one of the front runners in polls I've seen. I'm a tad surprised that she is characterized in a one sentence mention, as "the only woman in the race ... virtually unknown attorney ... ties to McCain" She IS the only woman in the race. Her positions on issues make the claim of ties to McCain dubious. Maybe Ms. Alexander is getting her information from attack ads offered by the Ducey campaign.
I'll bet you believe the "dog ate my homework" stories coming out of the IRS and EPA. After all, would a politician mislead the public? Horrors!
Well, did you notice that Hewitt slipped in an Anti-Palin slap to refurbish his political correctness creds? In fairness, though Palin knew the issues (better than Hewitt did), she underestimated the ability of MSM to spin her words and the ability of "conservative" pundits to chime in with their own nonsense. It is unlikely that Labrador would underestimate the ability of MSM and punditry to spin his words.
Bravo! Lifting words and phrases out of context, then screaming "Racist!" works for the left. In this case the "educated elite" category, in which S.E. fits, have no clue about the manner in which folks out in rural America speak. It would have been easy for Hannity or S.E. to say "Bundy spoke in a way that allowed the PC Police to brand him as racist; granted. But let's look beyond catch phrases and consider the issues." Would that make Hannity and S.E. racist? Or would it make them more competent analysts/commentators?
Insightful! The word use notion is very interesting; I'll pay more attention to that. I think it would be a clue that would help me "see through" bogus rhetoric by politicians on the right and left and those professing to be independent.
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No Men Left Behind?

Recovering Liberal Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 9:09 AM
Thanks! I didn't really follow the POW/MIA story; the reminder is apt and the knowledge important.
Thanks! Not having read the book I did not know the "return on capital" bit. What a concept! My return on capital and my salary both increase my bank account; both together increase it more than only my salary or only my investments. But if Prof Piketty just said that, it wouldn't be enough for a book.
Pistol, I must have missed the article in which he did all that. But at least this one shows he has completely changed his opinion.
And give it time--Tucson is heading in the direction of Detroit and has only a short way to go to reach the bottom of the list re economy.
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Gary Becker (1930-2014)

Recovering Liberal Wrote: May 06, 2014 11:57 AM
Ed52, I agree with your argument but would add that, if one does not preach to the choir it tends to disband rather than grow in numbers and understanding. I was certainly not a member of the choir before reading Sowell and he was not a member of the choir when he graduated from Harvard as a Marxist and encountered Becker and Friedman in graduate school.
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